Streettogs Gallery Feature: Groupings of Lemuel Chanyungco’s Street Photographs

Eric’s Note: Streettogs Gallery is an on-going feature and intiative by Manila-based street photographer A.G. De Mesa. Click here for more info.

A.G.:I’ve been following Lem’s work over at Flickr for quite some time now. He is what I would classify as a classical street photographer with mastery of light, timing, and overall visual design. His terrific use of black and white reinforces that aesthetic especially when he utilizes it to for silhouettes.

I want to emphasize that Lem’s photographs are really good. Although recently, he is posting something that is really unique.

He groups some of his street photographs and posts them as individual images over at Flickr. These groupings remind me of games I used to play as a child that instructs you to spot the differences or similarities in the drawings. The way I was engaged is different from what I am used to seeing. I want to figure out the connection of each individual photo in the group and why they are connected in that way. There are infinite probabilities as to why they are connected which adds a game element to the groupings.

According to Lem, these were some of the images cut off while editing his upcoming book. That sparks more interest from the fact that new life was given to these images through a unique way of viewing them. It takes me back to the Ted Talks Video of Hans Aarsman wherein he posits that great photography can happen when you don’t intend photography. I’m not sure if this was intended by Lem but to me, I enjoyed looking at these groups of photographs and I hope you will enjoy them too.

Here are some more of Lem’s street photo groupings (I highly recommend you to click the image to view it on black ):

If these groupings were just edits from his book, I can only imagine what the main book would look like. So I suggest you follow Lem over at  flickr.

Check out his website and portfolio where you can inquire and purchase his prints.

Keep sending in your works and click here for more information on how to get featured in the #streettogs Gallery.

What do you think are the common patterns in the groupings of Lem’s street photos? Share your thoughts on the comments below!

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