Put Yourself Into the Picture: How You Can Help Grow the Hatakeyama Gallery Center for the Photographic Arts

Hatakeyama Gallery

Hey streettogs, I am excited to announce that my good friend Todd Hatakeyama (the owner of the Hatakeyama Gallery) is undergoing a plan of creating a dedicated classroom, to continue to nurture the local arts scene in Los Angeles! The Hatakeyama Gallery was used to featured numerous photography workshops, exhibitions, and is on the Downtown LA art walk route! The venue would be used as a hub for all photographers to meet and interact, while giving a location for up-and-coming photographers to display their work as well.

Floor plan

The additional space would host a 2400 square-foot dedicated classroom, a reference library (of photography books, resources, videos, etc), a community darkroom, and more! We also plan on having more of the local schoolchildren and photography students in Los Angeles to use the classroom as another educational hub.

Current room

Unfortunately the new classroom won’t be cheap, and will require a substantial investment to get it constructed and up-and-running. Below is a breakdown of expenses:

Once the classroom is up-and-running, it will be self-supporting through nominal workshop fees to cover the costs of rent, utilities, water, electricity, etc.

We are therefore looking for donations of any size- every bit helps! If you have a passion for learning and want to help grow this hub of photography learning in Los Angeles, please consider donating any amount. Although taxes are non-deductible, there are exciting incentives below!

Donors of $1,000 or more will also be commemorated on a special plaque in the classroom itself.

If you have a passion for photography, learning, and sharing the gift of art with others- please join us by sharing your support by leaving a donation via Paypal below! Every bit counts, and no donation is too little!

* If you do not use Paypal and would like to donate, please call (213) 293-8633 or email Todd@HatakeyamaGallery.com

Read more about the classroom here: http://www.hatakeyamagallery.com/give/classroom/

Any other suggestions or ideas for the gallery? Share your comments below! 

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