Ollie Gapper: Making the Best of a Rough Situation and Your Opinions on the CritiqueMe Series

ollie gapper

Ollie: Let me start this with an apology. I haven’t had time this week to produce a nice in-depth interview or to find something or someone to write massively about, (the reason is stated below) so as much as I dislike talking and promoting my own work, this week I haven’t really got a choice.

So, as a lot of you will have known from observing my Twitter and Google+ accounts, I have recently spent a night in hospital whilst undergoing tests for a sleeping disorder. It was nothing major, just an uncomfortable night of being hooked up to a computer that monitors my brain activity. I decided to make use of this situation and bring a few cameras with me to enable me to produce some work.

I ventured out of my room in-between tests whenever I could, still wired up like a substation, to shoot what I love: Street. I shot with my newly acquired QL17 loaded with HP5 pushed to 1600 (still need to be developed, going to use ID11) and a 5D MKii with 35mm 1.5 and 24mm 1.4 (borrowed from uni). I also lightly used a Hasselblad 500C/M in my room, but not really for my street. I found the 1600 push was massively convenient for zone focusing and being able to shoot all day without worrying too much, but I need to get the results in my hand before I can recommend it (any of you guys had experience pushing HP5? Please share in the comments!).

I was primarily shooting to produce a short series, taking Jing Huangs beautiful series “Pure of Sight” (not street photography I know, but nor was my intended series), using my Canonet and pushed HP5 to replicate the graininess and raw aesthetic of Huangs work. My series is still untitled, and will remain so until I have the contacts in front of me.

The below shots are my highlights of what I took on the 5D (with a 35mm) on my walks in-between tests, again I’m sorry to be showcasing my own work here, but I just haven’t had the opportunity to write anything of substantial interest.











The second part of this post is to ask your opinions on my post series “CritiqueMe“. I’ve been consistently receiving comments and messages from the community advising I stop, contrasted with the praise from those who have emailed me their fantastic work. I honestly don’t know where to take this series from now, whether to take the criticism on the chin and just man up and carry on or to listen to your opinions and stick to what Im good at and what I enjoy, which is interviews and articles on work that I like and find interesting. Let me know your honest thoughts in the comments below, as, right now, I’m on the fence myself about the whole idea.

I’m still always up for helping wherever I can, and my email remains open for conversations (olliegapper@me.com) regarding any and everything you guys may want to discuss.

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