CritiqueMe: A New, Bi-weekly Chance to Get Noticed and Critiqued by Photographers All Around the World

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With the New Year fast approaching, what better way to start than having a professional critique on the worlds leading street photography blog?

The Idea

So, after reading all of the recent posts by Eric, and keeping check on the ASP Flickr group, this week I felt motivated to create a new platform for all those of you who would like to have your work seen and critiqued by the community. This is not something I intend to ‘contend’ with ASP or the forums, as it is not a photo-critique, more a photographer critique.

Once every 2 weeks I will select one photographer to critique, who will receive an entire blog post, right here, showing a selection of 6 images that I will give feedback on, both positive and constructive, that I hope will enable you to better yourselves as street photographers.

I will endeavour to try and have some guest photographers join me in critiquing your work and working style, a truly fantastic opportunity to add a substantial entry into your working CV.

What you need to do

All you will need to do is to supply links to your work (around 10 images will be suffice) that you think embody your work and current working style. From this, if selected, I will work with you to select 6 images to be critiqued and to appear on the blog. Once the post is up other members of the community will be invited to join in on the critique in the comments to help further the yield of information you will get from the experience.

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How to apply

Links to your work will need to be emailed to me ( with the subject header “CritiqueMe”, along with you name, location and any information you feel is relevant to your work. The selectee for each post will be informed by email, so if you don’t hear anything don’t give up, just try again next time!

I want you to select your best work for your submissions though, for two reasons: firstly because your work will be showcased in front of a lot of people, so you’d want to be seen for your best work. Secondly because this will be an in-depth critique, intended to help you better the way you work, even when you are truly on form.


So admissions for the first post (January 12th)  start today! So get organizing and get your submissions to me asap! I will aim to make my selection by midnight on the 6th of January, so I will not take entries after this date. Don’t rush yourself though, this is a bi-weekly piece, so wait until you have enough work that you are happy to submit before entering.

Thanks for all the feedback and support over the past few weeks, hope you all had a great Christmas!

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P.S: Print swaps of my hand printed silver gelatin prints start from the 9th, so if you’re interested, please email me with subject header “Print Swap” or if you’d just prefer to purchase one, “Print purchase” with your enquiry in the message body – Thanks!

20 thoughts on “CritiqueMe: A New, Bi-weekly Chance to Get Noticed and Critiqued by Photographers All Around the World”

  1. No offense, but who is Ollie Gapper? How exactly is he qualified to bless us all with his critique? I’d like to know his credentials because looking through his flickr photo stream I have to say that I’m not very impressed with his photography.

    1. Im a BA student and I do not upload to flickr religiously. Im not asking for money for my critique, nor my posts, this is a community and members of a community are supposed to help one another. Im just trying to help other street photographers out there, I’m not saying I am the best, but I do have an eye for a good photo and good photographers and am confident I can notice weakness’s in workflows and styles. Couple this with plenty of theoretical and practical knowledge and I’d say my critique is better than none. If you dont like it, then dont apply, otherwise why not add your own critique to the upcoming pieces if you’re confident you can do better?

      No hard feelings,


      (if this reply doesn’t satisfy you then I have shot campaigns for James Villas, received awards from RAW photo magazine and Marks and Spencer, studied photography and film studies at A-Level and shot street for 3 years)

      1. Why do people feel the need to counter arguments with comments like “you do it if you think you can do better”? It’s a childish response in what was otherwise a good retort.

        I don’t feel I can do a better job, but I’d also like to know who is providing their opinion and why I should consider it. There are a lot of people that try to pass themselves off as some kind of authority that don’t have the background to justify their “expertise”.

        Thank you for clarifying your background. I’m sure you’ll do a good job, but personally I’ll pass.

        No hard feelings at all,

        P.S. “Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.” ― Jack Kerouac

        1. I will sign off saying simply that your negativity is not called for on what is normally a purely constructive blog. If you dont like something, you can simply not participate, no need to go around condescending on other photographers and their work who are simply trying to help.

          P.S. “Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.” — Bruce Barton

    1. I just want to reiterate that I am not claiming to be the best street photographer in the world, and when it comes to critiquing you dont need to be. I dont need to be as good as someone to be able to help them better their work. I am offering a free service that will help promote and refine some of the great photographers out there reading this blog, whilst showcasing some of the work that I think may inspire those who read the posts.

      Again, if you don’t like whats on offer, you dont have to participate. More people have thanked me and sent me their fantastic work than have wasted time condescending and questioning who I am.

  2. I’m afraid this post is degenerating into a thorny argument. Eric, I think that “CritiqueMe” was not a very good idea, even if I have seen worse arguments in Flickr!

  3. WOW. There seems to be a few angry folks on this topic. I believe that anyone who is willing to look at my photos and provide feedback opens a conversation about what I do. Regardless if it is Ollie or Joe McNally it is up to me to take the information, step back for a minute and either agree or not agree and move forward. Ollie will also continue to become a better photographer for opening up such conversations.

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