The 5 Most Inspiring Street Photographs of the Week

Recently I have started a Flickr group titled “Aspiring Street Photographers.” Here are the 5 most inspirational photos that I chose (although there are a lot of other great images in the pool). Check them out and hopefully they inspire you to continue taking great street photographs as well!

Untitled By Exi87
"Untitled" - Exi87

"Move!" - lempkin

Fakes and Ladders
"Fakes and Ladders" - chad^michael

94/365 by Eugene Lum
"94/365" - Eugene Lum

Paris by Wenn
"Paris" -

Want to be included in next week’s post? Join Aspiring Street Photographers and add your best images! Also remember to not just add photos to the pool without commenting on others! We are a community, not view-whores :)

5 thoughts on “The 5 Most Inspiring Street Photographs of the Week”

  1. Hey Eric,
    Thanks for featuring my photo! :)
    The other photo’s a great, I really love the “Fakes and Ladders” shot.

    Nice idea to feature the photo’s on your blog.



  2. Eric! Thank you for including my photo with all of the fine images above. The Aspiring Street Photographers group is an excellent place not only to explore and share photos, but the discussions are lively and thought provoking, as well. I wish you and the rest continued success!

  3. Hey Eric,

    Thanks for sharing these! So inspirational. I have just bought my first camera and am so excited to get out there are start practicing :) …just need to get through finals first!


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