Topless Fun - Shot in Hollywood

How to Get Started with Street Photography Part I

So if any of you guys are interested in street photography, the question might be on your mind: “Where do I start?”

Well, for starters you need a camera. The most important step is actually going out and taking photos . If you are new to photography, all you might have is a point-and-shoot (a regular digital camera). This is great when it comes to street photography, because street photography doesn’t require extremely complicated nor expensive gear. A point and shoot can actually be better than DSLRs in many ways because of the discrete body and almost silent shutter. If you have a DSLR or anything else that’s great. As long as you have something to shoot with.

The Canon 5D, what I currently shoot with
The Canon Powershot SD600, my first camera.
The Contax III, my film rangefinder (I need to use this more)

So once you got your camera, you need to go out and start shooting. This is the phase in which the majority of budding photographers fail. People will always find excuses NOT to take photos rather than finding excuses TO take photos. The most popular ones I hear are: “I don’t have an expensive camera,” “I don’t have enough time,” or “I’m intimidated.” Don’t think so much about the details– just go out and do it.

The Reader
"The Reader"

The example I always use to counter the “I don’t have an expensive camera” argument is by telling them how much more convenient and effective even the point and shoots are today. The average Canon Powershot gives great image quality as well as giving instant results… and compare that with a film camera that has a steep learning curve and the inconvenience as well. Furthermore, most modern digital point and shoots have image sensors with such great image quality it is difficult to discern them from DSLR images under normal shooting conditions (during the day).

Topless Fun - Shot in Hollywood
"Topless Fun" – shot with my Canon Powershot SD6000

People will say “I don’t have enough time.” That is never an excuse because the beauty of street photography is that you can take great images of ordinary events, no matter where you are. So if you just carry around your camera with you everywhere you go, you can easily take photos while walking across the street, in a café, or even while walking to class. And I am also a firm believer in the idea that you can always find time for something you are truly passionate about, no matter how busy you are.

Remembering John Wooden
"Remembering John Wooden" – shot at the UCLA Campus

The last excuse I hear is that “I’m intimidated, and I don’t know where to start.” I have no idea what people can possibly be intimidated by. Unless you have someone peering over your shoulder every time you are taking a photo, you have nothing to worry about. And to simply start, you just go outside and start taking photos. It’s really that easy.

"What are you waiting for?"