If You Want Greatness Stop Asking For Permission

From my friend Roseann Marquez’s Facebook account. Link to her twitter.

Makes me think of one of my favorite quotes: “It is better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.” That is one of the few things that I have learned in life, which is that people are always so afraid of the negative consequences that they rarely think of the positive outcomes that could come out of breaking out of one’s shell. Fear is one of the things that prevents men (and women alike) from truly achieving what they are capable of. Is failure what scares people, or the fear of failure? Although failing is a disheartening feeling, it does not kill the individual. Rather, it empowers the individual to continue to strive for greatness until it is actually achieved.

So never fall into complacency. Strive for greatness. And like Nike famously puts it, “Just do it.”

Truer words couldn't be said.