Stories Behind The Photos: Dimitris Makrygiannakis and Kaushal Parikh


Photo by Dimitris Makrygiannakis

A.g.’s note: We previously had the chance to feature That’s life street photography collective members Dimitris Makrygiannakis and Kaushal Parikh. Dimitris treated us with his Transformative Experience of shooting street photography abroad  and an interview Eric had with him about  Surrealism and Symbolism while Kaushal shared his thoughts on how he is Conquering the streets of Mumbai. They are back this time telling us stories behind some of their favorite the street shots. They also have a series of upcoming workshops. Details of it are at the bottom of the post.

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Interview with Krishnendu Saha, Indian Street Photographer from “That’s Life” in Kolkata

Recently I showcased the work of Krishnendu Saha, a street photographer from Indian Street Photography Collective, “That’s Life“. Krishnendu is currently based here in Kolkata, and I was blessed to meet him in person. We had a nice coffee, got to know each other better, and then conducted this interview. We chat about Indian Street Photography as a whole, how his background in Mathematics influences his photography, and his advice for other aspiring street photographers.

Make sure to check my recent feature of his work here. You can also see more of his work on “That’s Life” here.

The Untold Stories From Kolkata: Street Photography by Krishnendu Saha from “That’s Life”

Krishnendu Saha

Eric’s Note: I am pleased to share the work of Krishnendu Saha, a street photographer based in Kolkata. Krishnendu is part of That’s Life, an Indian Street Photographer Collective. He is a student and teacher of Mathematics, but has been honing his photography skills for the last few years as a way to tell the “untold stories” from his hometown. Keep reading to get a better insight about his philosophy and background in street photography!

Krishnendu: To me, street photography is a game that can never be played twice in the same way. A game that is played by me against the world, a game that I control. I decide when to start, when to finish, or when to have a tea break.

It’s a way how I react to the surroundings I am placed into at that time.

Not only that, it allows me to build relationships with different people whom I didn’t know earlier! When I go through my old archives and see the photographs, all those slices of life just start flashing on my mind. I can feel the connection with those persons present in my photographs, with those places.

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Interview with Mark Carey from Indian Street Photography Collective “That’s Life”

Mark Carey

Mark Carey, 48, is a London based, self taught documentary photographer. Trained as a carpenter, Mark made a dramatic career change in 2009 to become a full time reportage wedding photographer. During the spring and summer he shoots weddings in a photojournalistic style and during the winter heads off to India and South East Asia to shoot street and documentary photography.

Marks has been particularly influenced by the wonderful geometry photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson and the complex compositions of magnum photographer, Alex Webb. Mark has also recently been accepted as a member of the Indian street photography collective ‘Thats life‘. You can see more of his travel portfolio here.

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