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On Social Media and Street Photography

by Eric Kim on October 28, 2013

1x1.trans On Social Media and Street Photography

Dubai, 2013

At the moment of writing this, I have over 30,000+ Facebook fans, 13,000+ Twitter followers, 20,000+ Google+ followers, and 12,000+ YouTube subscribers.

People have called me a bit of a “social media phenomenon” at times – and commend me for being so good at “marketing myself.”

I am certainly not the social media guru but I have learned a few things through social media through the years (especially when it comes to photography).

I wanted to write an article on some guidelines I suggest street photographers (and all photographers alike) when using social media:



How Many “Favorites” Or “Likes” Are Enough?

by Eric Kim on November 5, 2012

1x1.trans How Many Favorites Or Likes Are Enough?

(A photograph from my ongoing “Suits” project. London 2011)

This is an essay I wrote addressing our obsession with “favorites” and “likes” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, 500px, Google+, photo blogs, and so on. If you have ever felt that you were photographing more for affirmation from others than yourself, give the essay a read.  I share my personal experiences and also make practical suggestions in the end how to overcome an addictions to “favorites” and “likes”. Read More »»


1x1.trans 5 Tips How Photographers Can Build Their Online Social Media Presence

Note: Recently New York Street Photographer James Maher got in contact with me asking for some points and tips regarding building his online social media presence. He noticed that I had a great community backing me up (you guys), and he was curious how I did it. I thought about it long and hard, and came up with this blog post. Hope you guys enjoy!

The modern-day photographer is more blessed than ever having a wide-array of online social media networking tools at his/her fingertips. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, DeviantART, and online Forums/Blogs allow photographers not only to build up their own online social media presence, but also to connect to the rest of the photographic community. The benefits of having a strong online social media presence are numerous. One of the most apparent benefits is that photographers are able to get more comments & critique on their work, which help them develop their own style and composition.

However for an aspiring photographer with no experience with online social media, building a presence can be difficult. In this blog post, I will give you a small summary of my experiences, and hopefully give you information which can help you in the long-run as well.



1x1.trans How I Fundraised $1100 in 3 Days for my Beirut, Lebanon Trip

Thomas Leuthard and I at the end of our Street Photography 101 Workshop in Beirut, Lebanon

After teaching my Street Photography 101 workshop in Beirut, Lebanon–I got interviewed by a magazine called NowLebanon. One of the questions that Naziha (the reporter) asked me was how in the world I raised $1100 for my plane ticket to fly to Beirut, Lebanon in only 3 days. My answer for her was (you) the community.



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