Working on Layers: Manila Street Photography GoPro POV with the Fujifilm x100s

Working on Layers: Manila Street Photography GoPro POV with the Fujifilm x100s

Lesson: Layers + Working the Scene In this video I shot with the Fujifilm x100s and pre-focused my lens to around 5-10 meters (manual focus), shot at f/8, ISO 800, aperture-priority mode, optical viewfinder, and worked on trying to get more layers in the shot. The technique I used here was trying to get someone […]

The Poetic Black and White Street Photography of Manila by Robert Huibonhoa

Robert Huibonhoa-1

Eric’s Note: I got introduced to Robert Huibonhoa from talented photographer Geric Cruz. When I look at Robert’s work, I am taken back by the elegance and poetry of his images. Although many of his images are quite somber in feel, he still celebrates and highlights the joys of life through his images. Check out […]

Documenting Life in Manila and Beyond: The Intimate Monochromatic Images by Veejay Villafranca


Eric’s Note: When I was in Manila in January, I met Veejay Villafranca at an exhibition of Carlo Gabuco‘s paintings. I heard great things about Veejay’s work, and when I looked at some of his images on his iPhone I was blown away. Not only does Veejay have a great eye for composition and imagery, but […]

It’s More Fun to Shoot Street Photography in Manila

It has been around a month since I returned from teaching/shooting street photography in Manila, and I finally had the chance to do an update video. My experiences in Manila were incredible, and a huge thanks to Jeff Mercader for bringing me over and to Joel Mataro and the guys at DAAN for organizing everything […]

Painter & Street Photographer: Interview with Visual Artist Carlo Gabuco

CAG (1 of 1)-2

Eric’s Note: I first met Carlo Gabuco in Singapore about a year ago, at the Invisible Photographer Asia gallery with Kevin Wy Lee. When I looked at Carlo’s work, I was overwhelmed by the sense of beauty and darkness in his monochromatic images. I was even more surprised to discover that he was first a painter (I […]