The “Best Settings” and How to Use The Leica M9 for Street Photography

After traveling and having done many workshops on street photography, I have met many Leica M9/rangefinder users who have had difficulty configuring their camera for shooting on the streets. There are lots of misconceptions out there, which make things confusing for people. Therefore here is some advice I have for Leica m9 users (or Fuji […]

The Leica M9: The Ultimate Street Photography Camera or Just Hype? My Practical Review


My Leica M9P* (gaffer tape upgrade) and 35mm Summilux 1.4.  Background About a few months ago, I finally achieved one of my lifetime goals: purchasing a digital Leica (the Leica M9 to be specific). Although I was enthralled by the camera the first month I tested it (when Leica loaned me one for my Paris […]

How to Interact With Your Subjects when Shooting Street Photography


Alfred Eisenstaedt once said, “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter“. Upon reading this quote, it made me start thinking differently how I approach my street photography. When I started off, I would avoid eye contact at all costs, often shooting from the hip or being a little more sneaky. However nowadays, I actually prefer making […]