Student Photos from my Week-long Kolkata Introduction to Design/Composition Street Photography Workshop


Photograph by Nick Lorkin from the Kolkata Introduction to Design/Composition Workshop

After an exciting and action-packed week, the Kolkata Introduction to Design/Composition Street Photography Workshop has come to an end! Unfortunately Adam was not able to join and teach, but me, Mikael, and Nick had a great time in the colorful streets of Kolkata.

For the workshop we focused on a different theme everyday, starting off the day with lecture/theory – and spending the rest of the day shooting. I am both amazed and impressed how much Mikael and Nick were able to improve during the week. Both in their photography and confidence shooting in the streets! One great thing that both of them did was when photographing the locals of Kolkata, they talked to them, laughed with them, and best of all – shared their photos with them (albeit only on the back of their LCD screens).


Photograph by Mikael Laurson from the Kolkata Introduction to Design/Composition Workshop

The first 3 days they shot in black and white, and the last 2 days they shot in color. An overview of the week:

  • Day 1: Diagonals
  • Day 2: Figure-to-ground
  • Day 3: Depth
  • Day 4: Color
  • Day 5: Anything Goes

To see snapshots from the workshop and their before/after shots- read on!
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Travel Update & What’s In My Bag: Kolkata, India Edition

I am currently having the time of my life both experiencing the streets of Kolkata in India. The colors are so vivid, the people incredibly friendly, and the food is truly outstanding!

In this video I talk a little about my travel philosophy (packing light), what I’m bringing on my trip, and some reflections on how blessed we are all in life. To find out more about my experiences in Kolkata, watch out the video above!

Interview with Krishnendu Saha, Indian Street Photographer from “That’s Life” in Kolkata

Recently I showcased the work of Krishnendu Saha, a street photographer from Indian Street Photography Collective, “That’s Life“. Krishnendu is currently based here in Kolkata, and I was blessed to meet him in person. We had a nice coffee, got to know each other better, and then conducted this interview. We chat about Indian Street Photography as a whole, how his background in Mathematics influences his photography, and his advice for other aspiring street photographers.

Make sure to check my recent feature of his work here. You can also see more of his work on “That’s Life” here.