The Stunning Vibrancy and Forms of India: The Diverse Street Photography of Swarat Ghosh

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Eric’s Note: I recently met Swarat Ghosh in my Intermediate/Advanced worskhop in Mumbai. When we were doing portfolio reviews, I was quite blown away with his work — especially considering that he has only been shooting street for a little over a year. He is based in Hyderabad, and is one of the most fervent and hard-working street photographers I have met. His work definitely shows it.

Swarat: I am a Visual Designer by profession, working in a reputed IT company in Hyderabad. Mostly been influenced by my parents and sister who have always encouraged me to do the best in my life.Later, my hidden talent in photography was discovered when my wife gifted me a DSLR camera Nikon d3000 with 35mm prime lens in Oct, 2010. Since then, I am nurturing the passion for photography.

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Travel Update & What’s In My Bag: Kolkata, India Edition

I am currently having the time of my life both experiencing the streets of Kolkata in India. The colors are so vivid, the people incredibly friendly, and the food is truly outstanding!

In this video I talk a little about my travel philosophy (packing light), what I’m bringing on my trip, and some reflections on how blessed we are all in life. To find out more about my experiences in Kolkata, watch out the video above!

Interview with Krishnendu Saha, Indian Street Photographer from “That’s Life” in Kolkata

Recently I showcased the work of Krishnendu Saha, a street photographer from Indian Street Photography Collective, “That’s Life“. Krishnendu is currently based here in Kolkata, and I was blessed to meet him in person. We had a nice coffee, got to know each other better, and then conducted this interview. We chat about Indian Street Photography as a whole, how his background in Mathematics influences his photography, and his advice for other aspiring street photographers.

Make sure to check my recent feature of his work here. You can also see more of his work on “That’s Life” here.

Discover the Streets of Calcutta, India: Week-long Introduction to Design/Composition Workshop with Eric Kim and Adam Marelli (12/10-12/14)

Join Eric Kim and Adam Marelli…

Street Photography Workshop: Introduction to Design/Composition

Calcutta [INDIA] – December 10th-14th

Eric’s Note: I am excited to announce that I will be teaching another unique 5-day workshop in Calcutta, India with NYC  photographer and master composition teacher Adam Marelli. Adam Marelli has a keen eye for design, composition, and capturing “the decisive moment”. He holds a degree in Sculpture and Photography from New York University and studied at the Barnstone Studios. If you are serious about your street photography, and wanting to take it to the next level – check out this unique workshop opportunity! 

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My Thoughts About Shooting Street Photography in Mumbai, India

I have been in Mumbai, India the last 3 days and have been having the blast of my life. Kaushal Parikh, an incredibly talented street photographer from Mumbai, has been my host and not only shown me the wonderful streets here, but has treated me like family and is feeding me well (I probably will gain at least 20 pounds before leaving).

For those of you who have never been to India, here are some of my thoughts about shooting street photography here:

1. People are incredibly friendly

I haven’t had a single negative encounter so far. I just make sure to smile and say “thank you”. People are very receptive here and LOVE to get their photo taken. I have even shot with my flash today, and people seem very amused with it, and appreciate the attention.

2. The juxtapositions are great

India has a massive gap from the wealthy and poor. The wealthy are incredibly rich (drive around Bently’s) while the poor are dying on the streets. It is really heartbreaking to see, but makes me appreciate what I have so much more.

However this can make for interesting juxtapositions between the rich and poor, in terms of the people as well as the buildings, cars, etc.

3. The streets are generous

There is so much to see and so much to shoot. Although this can be a problem at times (there are sometimes too much people on the street). However it seems wherever I go, there is always people and something going on.

I am also preparing for my street photography workshop this weekend (I am hosting 3 of them while I am here). Wish me luck and I will keep everyone updated! :)

Kaushal and Myself Shooting the Streets! (photo actually taken inside a department store)

Also if you are an Indian street photographer and would like to be considered in the India Street Photographers collective, email Kaushal Parikh at