My Experiences Shooting Medium-Format Film in Street Photography

Shooting with a Mamiya 7 in Dubai

So after a long trip in Stockholm, Dubai, and London I wanted to share some of my experiences shooting medium-format (Hasselblad 501c + 80mm lens and Mamiya 7 + 80mm lens) for street photography (and traveling in general). To start off, I have been really fascinated with shooting square-format photographs recently. To be honest, my […]

A Guide on How to Shoot Street Photography on a Film Leica (or Rangefinder)

My Leica MP

I know a lot of street photographers who have gotten into film recently, and have recently invested in film Leicas (specifically Leica m6’s). I wanted to write this guide to share everything I personally know about shooting on a film Leica based on my 3 years of experience. Disclaimer: I am not a Leica expert, […]