1x1.trans 18 Lessons Richard Kalvar Has Taught Me About Street Photography

All photographs in this article are copyrighted by Richard Kalvar / Magnum Photos

Richard Kalvar is one of the contemporary masters in street photograph, and also a member of Magnum. I have always loved his quirky and observant street photographs, and am quite pleased how active he is– especially on Facebook and the Magnum Blog. I gained a lot of insight about his work and street photography through his various interviews online. Read more to gain inspiration from him!



F$%K GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

by Eric Kim on April 6, 2014

1x1.trans F$%K GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)


This article by Josh White, a street photographer based out of Korea. This article originally appeared on Josh’s blog here


Gear Acquisition Syndrome (abbreviated to GAS) is a term used to describe an urge to acquire and accumulate lots of gear.



GAS hasn’t received any major medical attention. GAS is not a clinical condition. It can be the result of a psychological lack of personality.

source: Wikipedia.

A lot of people have asked me a lot lately about cameras and getting over the feeling of wanting every f*cking camera you see. As much as I hate gear talk now, I really feel like this post is necessary.



In this video I share a basic street photography technique: finding an interesting background and waiting for an interesting subject to come in and create a juxtaposition. Filmed on my GoPro Hero 3 with the Fujifilm X-T1 in Dubai, during my street photography workshop at Gulf Photo Plus 2014.


Shooting on the Streets of NYC with Jerry Pena

by Eric Kim on April 4, 2014

I recently hit the streets of NYC with Jerry Pena, a color film street photographer based in upstate New York. Watch him talk about his inspirations in street photography and footage of him shooting on the streets above. You can also see my other feature with him on the blog here.


1x1.trans 6 Lessons Jeff Mermelstein Has Taught Me About Street Photography

All photographs in this article are copyrighted by Jeff Mermelstein.

I love the street photography of Jeff Mermelstein. Hailing from New York City, he is one of the most prolific street photographers and photojournalists out there. Besides his personal street photography work, he has done major assignment work for Life Magazine, The New Yorker, and The New York Times Magazine.

When I first saw Jeff’s images, I was blown away by the simplicity but depth of emotions in his photographs. His photographs are very quirky, and intensely powerful as well.

I wanted to dedicate this article to Jeff– in terms of how he has inspired me in street photography. I also hope to share some of his philosophies, images, and experiences with you.



1x1.trans Weekly Street Photography Assignment: Bad Weather

NYC, 2012. Part of my on-going “Suits” project.

After a long hiatus, I am excited to announce I am starting the weekly street photography assignments again!

This week’s street photography assignment is: “Bad Weather.”

Upload your best (1) street photograph directly to my Facebook fan page wall by Saturday midnight and I will announce the best image via Facebook by this Monday morning. Looking forward to seeing your images!


1x1.trans Moving Quietly Along the Flock, Invisibly: Interview with Igor Rudenko from Kiev, Ukraine

Igor Rudenko is a street photographer who captures poetic and timeless monochromatic images from Kiev, Ukraine. This interview is by Mehdi Bouqua, a street photographer from Downtown LA.



1x1.trans 10 Things I Have Learned About Street Photography From Eric Kim

This post is by Dan K, a writer, camera collector, and photographer from Hong Kong.

Dan: Today I have the pleasure of summarising Eric Kim’s contribution to street photography. At a loss for ideas, I threw the question open to my social media followers. Big mistake! All I got was flames and no tips at all about actual street photography.

When the seat of my pants had sufficiently cooled, I sat back and mulled it all over. Why is one of our generation’s best known street photographers so successful when opinion of his work is so… “divided”?

What can we learn from the way he works that would be useful to the modern street photographer keen to emulate his name recognition?



“Shooting Street” Podcast Interview

by Eric Kim on March 30, 2014

1x1.trans Shooting Street Podcast Interview

Lansing, Michigan 2013. Part of my on-going “Suits” project.

Thanks a ton to Michael Meinhardt for interviewing me for the “Shooting Street” podcast. We talked about shooting street photography with flash, finding your own style, overcoming boredom, shooting film, photo books, and ideas for the future! Check out the hour-long interview below:

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Past episodes to check out:


Observe Collective Interview #5: Fadi Boukaram

by Eric Kim on March 29, 2014

1x1.trans Observe Collective Interview #5: Fadi Boukaram

OBSERVE is an international photography collective focused primarily on the practice of candid street photography. This week’s feature is Fadi Boukaram, a street photographer currently based in Broumana, Lebanon.



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