Before/After: Seattle Conquer Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography Workshop 2015

Surviving baby-3

I am very proud of my students at my recent Seattle Conquer Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography Workshop. They all pushed themselves out of their comfort zone, approached strangers, got rejected, but also got accepted. They all did an amazing job building their confidence, learned how to better interact with strangers, and the coffee […]

Streettogs Academy No. 11 “Complementary Colors” Results and Analysis

Bruno CunhaSA11COVER

(Cover Photo by Bruno Cunha) Complementary Colors is a tricky thing to pull off since you need to have that mental color wheel in your head and at the same time, making sure you have a strong point of interest in your composition. Weather also needs to be in your side to pull off those […]

Free E-Book: Zen in the Art of Street Photography

zen in street photography cover-SMALL

Dear streettogs, I hope you enjoy a new free ebook: “Zen in the Art of Street Photography.” This is a compilation of all of my favorite articles on Zen, Taoism, Buddhism, gratitude, and other random philosophical musings. There isn’t a “correct” order to read this book. You can skip around the chapters, and read the […]

Don’t Miss Out: Signed Magnum 6×6 Prints for only $100!

magnum instagram

Hey streettogs, pretty cool stuff: Magnum is selling signed 6×6” prints for only $100 at the Magnum Store! You can browse all of the photos here. Over 50 Magnum photographers have submitted images that fits the theme: “An Image That Changed Everything.” Not only that, but they shared their personal stories related to the images. […]

The Theory of Composition in Street Photography: 7 Lessons from Henri Cartier-Bresson


I am excited to share this new presentation I just put together on the theory of composition in street photography, drawing from the wisdom of Henri Cartier-Bresson. You can see the entire presentation below: Slideshare Download PDF Learn more about composition:   If you want to learn how to make better street photographs and improve […]

Eric Kim Street Photography Newsletter #5: What I’m Packing For My Trip, Recommended Books, New Workshops!


Dear streettogs, I am excited to share that I just touched down here in Seattle! Absolutely beautiful weather (all of the other times I’ve visited were in January), and have already had some amazing espresso— and feeling pretty pumped up (the coffee here is seriously the best in the world).

“Be True to Yourself; Great Things Will Come”: Interview with Daniel Arnold


I’m very excited to share this recent interview I did with Daniel Arnold. You might have heard about Daniel and his work through the controversy of him getting kicked off Instagram for showing nudity on Gawker, his Forbes feature on how he made $15,000 in one day selling 4×6 prints for $150, or his profile on […]

“Photography is Photography, a Photo is a Photo”: Interview with Neil Ta

"Peg leg" by Neil Ta

I just had a recent chat with my manager and good friend Neil Ta. Neil is a professional photographer based in Toronto (shoots wedding and commercial work), and his passion is photography. He has dabbled in many different genres of photography, including “urbex” (urban exploration), “rooftopping” (getting to really high places), documentary photography (he is […]