Take Your Street Photography to the Next Level in 2015: Re-inspire Yourself, Build Your Confidence, and Join an Amazing Community


Tons of fun at my recent SF Week-long Intensive Street Photography Workshop 2015

Dear streettogs,

This weekend is the last opportunity for you to qualify for the early-bird discount for my Toronto Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop. I am also excited to announce I have added an Amsterdam Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop as well!

If you wanted to take your street photography to the next level and invest in your own growth and education, join me at one of my upcoming street photography workshops in 2015:

February 25th-March 1st

San Francisco – Week-long Intensive Street Photography Workshop – SOLD OUT!

March 27-29th

Chicago – Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop – OPEN!

April 3-5th

Toronto – Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop – OPEN!

April 10-12th

New York CityIntroduction to Street Photography Workshop – OPEN! 

June 5-7th 

Seattle – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – OPEN! 

June 24-28th

Paris – Week-Long Travel Street Photography WorkshopOPEN!

July 10-12th

Amsterdam – Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography WorkshopOPEN! (NEW!)

July 15-19th

Prague – Week-Long Travel Street Photography Workshop – OPEN!

July 31st-August 2nd

Vienna – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – OPEN!

August 7-9th

Berlin -Introduction to Street Photography WorkshopOPEN!

August 14-16th

London – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – Register Intent – NEW! 

August 19-23rd

Istanbul – Week-Long Travel Street Photography Workshop – Register Intent

August 28-30th

Stockholm – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – Register Intent – NEW!

October 14-18th

New Orleans – Week-Long Travel Street Photography Workshop – Register Intent

You can learn more about my street photography workshops here.

My Top 10 Sources of Discontentment in Street Photography


SF, 2015

I ultimately want to be happy. But unfortunately there are a lot of sources of dissatisfaction in my life. There are a lot of things I want to change about my life, and my outlook in the world.

In this article I want to share some of the 10 deepest sources of dissatisfaction I’ve had in my life, and strategies I’ve been able to cope with these issues. I hope this can help give you some sort of help (if you’re dealing with similar issues as me).

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Video Presentation: Introduction to Street Photography Projects

In this presentation, I share how to come up with and shoot a street photography project, and also cover what makes a great street photography project. Some of the projects we cover are:

Project tips/advice:

  • 1. Work on them for a long time (2-10 years).
  • 2. Make it personal.
  • 3. Stay consistent (camera, lens, film, post-processing technique)
  • 4. Focus on the sequencing of images (study films, books, literature). What kind of story you are trying to tell?
  • 5. Project types: “Sense of place”, “Typology”, “Concept”
  • 6. Lots of projects fail (don’t be too rigid, also be flexible)
  • 7. Don’t have pre-conceived notions
  • 8. Have fun!

Ways to stay motivated

  • 1. Get feedback/critique
  • 2. Keep pushing forward
  • 3. Look at photo books


  1. You can see the slides for free here.
  2. For more inspiration, download my free e-book: “The Street Photography Project Manual.”
  3. If you want to take your street photography project to the next level, check out my upcoming street photography workshops.

6 Lessons Dorothea Lange Has Taught Me About Street Photography

migrant mother-dorothea lange

I recently got a new book in the mail: “Dorothea Lange: Aperture Masters of Photography” (courtesy of Aperture) and was deeply inspired and moved by her work, life, and philosophy.

I have always known Dorothea Lange’s work documenting the Great Depression (and her famous “Migrant Mother” photograph), but didn’t know much about her life and philosophy. In this article I will share some of the lessons that Dorothea Lange has taught me about photography, and how you can apply that philosophy to your own work:

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The Golden Rule in Street Photography: Photograph Others How You Would Like to Be Photographed

SF, 2015

SF, 2015

One thing I notice when I’m teaching street photography workshops is that a lot of photographers don’t like having their own photograph taken.

This is a huge problem.

If you want to build up your confidence in shooting street photography, I think you also need to be comfortable being on the other side of the camera.

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Video Podcast Interview about Street Photography on ISO 400 (The Phoblographer)

Julius Motal (passionate street photographer) from The Phoblographer recently did a podcast interview with me on their new podcast series, ISO 400. We talked about how I joined my interests in sociology and photography (to grow my interest in street photography), the projects I am currently working on, as well as tips and advice for street photographers.

Enjoy the video interview above!