Tokyo Diary 2014

1x1.trans Tokyo Diary 2014

Shinjuku, 2014

I’m currently on the skyliner, on the way to the narita airport to Hong Kong and wanted to share some reflections of my trip. For those of you who have never been to Tokyo, it is an incredible city. It is one of my favorite cities to shoot street photography in the world. There is so much action, energy, and a pulse to the city that isn’t matched anywhere else. Going to shibuya, shinjuku, and harajuku are like blasts to the past– with a modern day twist. I love the romanticism of Tokyo, and the food here is also amazing. [Read more...]

Streettogs Academy 2nd Assignment “Friendship” Results and Analysis

1x1.trans Streettogs Academy 2nd Assignment Friendship Results and Analysis

“Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .””

C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

The 2nd Assignment, chosen by 1st Assignment Editor’s choice Helio Tomita, focuses upon the basis of human interaction that fosters romance, lifelong companionship, and the light when things are bleak. Friendship is an essential part of human sustenance. It does not fill the belly like a good hearty meal but it fills the soul with experiences and unforgettable moments. Such moments often times happen on the streets. These are those moments.

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The Benefits of Constraints in Street Photography

I always thought to myself: the day I had unlimited money, unlimited time, and unlimited cameras was the day I could truly be creative.

Funny enough, I found out that wasn’t the case. Out of all photographers I’ve met, the ones that are most creative are the ones that are strapped on resources– the ones that have constraints. 

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Interview with Bellamy Hunt (Japan Camera Hunter) and Tour of His Office in Tokyo

I recently had the chance to catch up with Bellamy Hunt (Japan Camera Hunter) in Tokyo. In this video he gives us a tour of his office, shares why he does what he does, and advice regarding photography, film, and life.

See my video interview with him from 2 years ago and a video of us camera shopping.

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Nobody Gives a Shit About Your Photos

1x1.trans Nobody Gives a Shit About Your Photos

Oakland, 2014

Nobody gives a shit about your photos (except yourself).

Sometimes I get frustrated and confused why I take photos.

I think ultimately I take photos because I want my photos to influence, affect, and perhaps inspire my viewers (and other photographers). This sometimes gives me anxiety because it puts a lot of pressure on me to “perform” by making really strong images for my audience.

But it has recently dawned on me that the only person who really cares about my work is myself. Nobody else really cares or gives a shit.

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Irish Photography on Center Stage! Irish Street Photography Exhibition 15th-22nd of August

1x1.trans Irish Photography on Center Stage! Irish Street Photography Exhibition 15th 22nd of August

All roads lead to Dublin as the Irish Street Photography Group together with the group admin Des Bryne brings together the Irish Street Photography Exhibition.

47 Street Photographers, 47 Photographs from Established Street Photographers to Emerging New Talent from Ireland and beyond, this is the first “Irish Street Photography Exhibition” from the ISPG (Irish Street Photography Group)

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Savoring the Moment

I just checked out of my hotel in Seoul, and was on my way to the subway. I had a bunch of bags I had to carry, and ended up missing two potential street photos I would have liked to capture:

One of the shots was a guy in a suit, with his suit jacket propped over his right shoulder with a finger. My camera was still in my bag.

The second shot was a muscular black man carrying an umbrella (similar to what old Korean ladies wore) also wearing spandex.

My camera was in my bag for both of these potential shots, so I missed the moment. However rather than being frustrated at myself for not taking the shots, I tried to savor the moment.

For example, I smiled at the muscular guy who walked by me and said “love your outfit.” He gave me a huge grin and smiled back and said, “Thank you.” His smile felt so warm and genuine.

This reminds me : I don’t need to capture a photo of everything I experience. Sometimes by not taking a photo of something, I better appreciate the moment and commit it to memory more.

So nowadays if I’m seeing fireworks with Cindy on new years, I try to purposefully put the camera away and just enjoy the moment.

Whenever I miss potential street photos, two thoughts come into my mind :

  1. Always have my camera around my neck (I never know when a good photo opportunity might arise).
  2. That was a nice moment I missed, but I’m glad I’m alive and experienced it.

Furthermore, missing the potential street photos from today further invigorated my love of street photography. I thought to myself, “Wow, life is pretty incredible and amazing. There are so many different colorful people on the streets, and all these wonderful moments happening all the time.”

So I guess in conclusion my thoughts contradict each other a bit: always have your camera with you (preferably around your neck or in your hand), but sometimes it is good to just savor and appreciate a moment (especially if you didn’t take a photo of it).

At the end of the day, I think experiencing a moment is much more valuable than capturing it.