Creative Constraints are Freedom: Abstract Street Photography by Maarten Rots


Restricting to open up. How less can be more when going out to shoot. I am strongly convinced that creating restrictions leads to more freedom and development when it comes to creativity. This may sound very counterintuitive but I have experiences to back up my claims. I just finished an intense week of photographing which […]

Paris GoPro Street Photography POV #4

Paris GoPro Street Photography POV #4

Hey Streettogs, here is the last gopro video I got from Paris! I hope this gives you some ideas and insights on how I shoot street photography. My ultimate lesson in Paris (as well in every country), as long as you shoot with confidence, a smile, and without hesitating, you generally have no problems. I […]

Try it Out For Yourself

Aix-en-Provence, 2015

Recently I got my laptop stolen in Paris from my backpack. It kinda sucked, but the “blessing in disguise” was that I was able to replace my (slightly) aging 11’’ Macbook air (2012 model). I started to consider a few options: the 13’’ Macbook Air, the 13’’ Macbook Pro, and the new Retina 12’’ Macbook. […]

Travel Update: My Experience Shooting Street Photography in Paris, Getting My Backpack Stolen, and Free Composition Ebook


I’m on a train to Aix en Provence, to the south of France and wanted to share my experiences shooting street photography in Paris. If you read on the internet, apparently there are more strict regulations about image copyright and street photography in France. To my understanding, you can take a photograph of anybody in […]