Kill Your Babies


Read this as a Google Doc or download a PDF. — I have a problem. I often get too attached to my photos, especially my bad photos. I look at all of my photos like my children, and I have a hard time deciding which to keep and which to ditch. One mantra I have […]

Streettogs Academy 13: “Darkness” Results and Analysis


(Cover Photo by Community’s Choice, Jomel Bartolome) In order for a photograph to exist, it has to have light but for this assignment, we are going to focus on the other side of the spectrum which is darkness. Darkness is not just the absence of light but it also connotes certain meanings. That is why […]

Free Sample Chapters: “Learn From the Masters of Street Photography”


I am currently working on a new book: “Learn From the Masters of Street Photography”, which is a distillation of all of the lessons that I’ve learned from the masters of street photography. You can get a free sneak peak by downloading the PDF of the sample chapters here. If you want to learn more, […]

Desire the Life You Already Have

Vienna, 2015

“One should not spoil what is present by desiring what is absent. Rather, realize that what we have were among the things we might have prayed for.” – Epicurus (via the “Epicurus reader“) I’m never satisfied. I always want more. Nothing is ever good enough. My lifestyle isn’t fancy enough, I lust after different cameras, […]