Photography Quick Links: February 2015


(A.g.’s note: Photography Quick Links is a new initiative I want to do here on the blog. These are links I have personally read and sifted through. This is by no means a definitive guide but for those news stories or news articles regarding photography [but will try to concentrate it to street of course] that you may have missed or I think you should definitely see to help you in your shooting and understanding of the medium. I am still thinking of a permanent title for this one [will double check with Eric] Cheers and happy reading!)

Portfolio Finds:

Hito Ito

For those that love evocative black and white, you might like his work. There is quite a passion and energy as he constantly updates with new work via his tumblr. Worth to check out and get lost in

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Alani Cruz – Rathermakeart

Follow Alani Cruz’s life as he documents his life in and out of the hospital as he battles his sickness.

Patrick Tsai – Barnacle Island

The follow up to Patrick Tsai’s photo diary, Talking Barnacles. Tsai continues the exploration of the non-fiction ongoing photo essay complete with vignettes from his day to day life being spent on an island somewhere in Japan. I’m working on an extensive write-up on his two works. I hope I get the chance to give it the justice it deserves.

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Streettogs Academy No. 9

SA 9 Dates

Here we go with another assignment over at streettogs academy. Cheers to Harry Fodor for bagging the editor’s choice for Assignment no. 8.

In his email to me, he gave a pretty nice explanation/rationale on why he chose his theme. He made a good observation of what the group is doing and I think it is a great way to continuously challenge ourselves.

In Harry’s words:

Well, what’s my idea for the next assignment?
Hmm, last assignments themes were all about interactions, interactions between people (7th “Opposites”, 3rd “Foreigners” ) or interactions between people and the environment (last one, 6th “Directions”, 4th “Strong Light”) or themes about emotions (5th “Fear”, 2nd “Friendship”). Only the first one (“Square”) was about “technical” aspects – so, why not doing something like a “rhetorical loop“ and going back to the beginning?

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Free E-Book: Letters from a Street Photographer


I am excited to announce that I finally put together my free ebook: “Letters from a Street Photographer“. This book is much more philosophical in nature– and combines the philosophy of stoicism and street photography. If you seek more purpose, happiness, and meaning in your photography, this book is for you.

Here is a breakdown of the chapters:

  • Chapter 1: How to shoot and live without regrets
  • Chapter 2: How to deal with negative critics
  • Chapter 3: How to focus on your life’s work
  • Chapter 4: Fuck fame
  • Chapter 5: How to be happy
  • Chapter 6: How to live a purposeful life

Free Download:

This book is “open source” — meaning it is free to download, share, and remix. I hope you enjoy this fruit of my love:

Other free e-books:

Read more to see the entire text.

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Street Photography Aphorisms, Heuristics, and Sayings


I’ve just put together this list of street photography aphorisms, heuristics, and sayings. This is a distillation of all of my current thoughts and philosophies on street photography. Many of these sayings and ideas are heavily borrowed from others, and none of these ideas are original.

Don’t take everything in this list as “truth”. Rather, take everything with a grain of salt. Take the sayings which resonate with you, and discard the rest.

Free download

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Free E-Book: “Street Photography 101: An Introduction to Street Photography”

Street Photography 101 Cover

Hey streettogs, I am excited to announce that I’ve finally published my free e-book: “Street Photography 101. If you’re new to street photography, want to learn the fundamentals, or refresh your existing knowledge– check it out. As always, this book is “open source” — meaning you can freely edit, remix, and distribute this information as you would like.

If you found this book useful (or any of my other free e-books or articles), please consider making a donation to help fund future free e-books:


Below is an overview of some of the chapters I will cover:

  • Chapter 1: What is street photography?
  • Chapter 2: Why street photography?
  • Chapter 3: What to look for when you’re shooting street photography
  • Chapter 4: How to overcome your fear of shooting street photography
  • Chapter 5: Lessons I’ve learned from the masters of street photography
  • Chapter 6: Street photography equipment, technical settings, technique
  • Chapter 7: Street photography exercises
  • Chapter 8: Conclusion


You can also “read more” to see the full text of the book below.

Other free e-books on street photography:

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