Photos You Should vs Must Take

Kyoto, 2014

I just finished reading an excellent book on art, creativity, and following your passion titled: “The Crossroads of Should and Must” by Elle Luna. The original idea was written on Medium here, and then blew up on the internet. The premise of the idea is this: in life you are pulled between things you “should” […]

Take at Least 1 Shitty Photograph Everyday

Seoul, 2014

I am currently reading “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron— an interesting book that links creativity, spirituality, and overcoming your artistic self-censor. I know a lot of photographers who are perfectionists or have a lot of self-doubt. This causes them to not pursue their dreams of becoming a photographer. Not becoming a full-time photographer, but […]

How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone in Art and Photography

Toronto, 2015

I think one of the most exciting things about being an artist is following your curiosity, passion, and to pursue a life-long path of learning. Continuing from my “Akademie x Lessons in Art and Life” series, here are some lessons I learned from the Raqs Media Collective in how you can constantly transform yourself through […]

How to Have a Creative and Flexible Mind as an Artist and Photographer

Toronto, 2015

Continuing my series on “Akademie x Lessons in Art and Life”, I thoroughly enjoyed an essay titled: “Me and Marcuse” by Michelle Grabner. She exposed me to a lot of new ideas that I want to explore below on the following topics: what art is for, the importance of filtering images, undoing and re-doing your […]

How to Express Yourself as an Artist and Photographer

NYC, 2014

Continuing the lessons I’ve learned from “Akademie x Lessons in Art + Life”, I want to share some thoughts I’ve learned from Carol Bove, one and the artists and “tutors” from the book. Carol expresses ideas on self-expression, what work means to her, time and information management, as well as uncensoring and finding yourself. I […]