How it Feels to Shoot Street Photography 24 Hours Straight

South Korea. March 2015.

South Korea. March 2015.

This is a guest post by Josh White, a street photographer based in Seoul, Korea.

Josh: Yesterday (and sort of the day before) I took part in the 24 Hour Project. For those of you that don’t know, it is a street photography initiative that involves photographers worldwide.

Basically, how it works, is you take one photo per hour for 24 hours in your given city (cities in my case). So, from 00:00 on Saturday, March 21st, until 11:59 I was to stay awake and take and post one photo per hour. By the time 00:00 rolled around I felt more like #fml than #24hourproject.

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Streettogs Academy No. 9 Results and Analysis


And so the cycle continues for Streettogs Academy! Our assignment this time round is deceptively simple. This assignment would actually go down as the assignment with the most interaction (so far). Many comments were shared and there were a number of photos that got the attention of many members of the group. If you look closely, the photos that got selected and got the most interest are the ones that had the simple basic requirement of a good image: A strong visual hook. So let’s see all of them.

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6 Lessons Rene Burri Can Teach You About Street Photography

Copyright Rene Burri / Magnum Photos. BRAZIL. Sao Paulo. 1960.

Copyright Rene Burri / Magnum Photos. BRAZIL. Sao Paulo. 1960.

On October, 2014 Rene Burri passed away, at age 81. He had an incredible career of photography behind him, and produced many iconic images, which include those of Che, Picasso, and many other street photographs which perfectly combined geometry, story, and form.

About a year ago I got a copy of his color street photography, which was published in “Impossible Reminiscences”— and was deeply moved by his color work. I feel that his photographs have an emotional and cultural sensitivity to them. Rene’s work feels like a more empathetic Henri Cartier-Bresson.

I therefore felt inspired to write an article on Rene Burri. Unfortunately there isn’t too many interviews he has conducted, but based on what I could find online— here are some lessons I have learned from him:

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6 Lessons Dorothea Lange Has Taught Me About Street Photography

migrant mother-dorothea lange

I recently got a new book in the mail: “Dorothea Lange: Aperture Masters of Photography” (courtesy of Aperture) and was deeply inspired and moved by her work, life, and philosophy.

I have always known Dorothea Lange’s work documenting the Great Depression (and her famous “Migrant Mother” photograph), but didn’t know much about her life and philosophy. In this article I will share some of the lessons that Dorothea Lange has taught me about photography, and how you can apply that philosophy to your own work:

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The Golden Rule in Street Photography: Photograph Others How You Would Like to Be Photographed

SF, 2015

SF, 2015

One thing I notice when I’m teaching street photography workshops is that a lot of photographers don’t like having their own photograph taken.

This is a huge problem.

If you want to build up your confidence in shooting street photography, I think you also need to be comfortable being on the other side of the camera.

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Photography Quick Links: February 2015


(A.g.’s note: Photography Quick Links is a new initiative I want to do here on the blog. These are links I have personally read and sifted through. This is by no means a definitive guide but for those news stories or news articles regarding photography [but will try to concentrate it to street of course] that you may have missed or I think you should definitely see to help you in your shooting and understanding of the medium. I am still thinking of a permanent title for this one [will double check with Eric] Cheers and happy reading!)

Portfolio Finds:

Hito Ito

For those that love evocative black and white, you might like his work. There is quite a passion and energy as he constantly updates with new work via his tumblr. Worth to check out and get lost in

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Alani Cruz – Rathermakeart

Follow Alani Cruz’s life as he documents his life in and out of the hospital as he battles his sickness.

Patrick Tsai – Barnacle Island

The follow up to Patrick Tsai’s photo diary, Talking Barnacles. Tsai continues the exploration of the non-fiction ongoing photo essay complete with vignettes from his day to day life being spent on an island somewhere in Japan. I’m working on an extensive write-up on his two works. I hope I get the chance to give it the justice it deserves.

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