Learn From the Masters: Lesson #5 Emotionally Detach Yourself From Your Photos


“Sometimes photographers mistake emotion for what makes a great street photograph.” – Garry Winogrand Imagine this situation: it is a cold and rainy day. You are out shooting on the streets, and you are feeling miserable. You haven’t got any good shots all day, despite the fact that you left your warm (and dry) house […]

Street Photography Quick Links: July 2015


Street Photography Quick Links is a compilation of Links, Projects, News, Videos, Events, or anything that is related to street photography or photography in particular that I have personally consumed. Perhaps these might interest you or make you think. If you want to send some links my way, details will be at the post below.

“Letters from a Recovering Camera Addict” Step 1: Admission

This article is written by Josh White, originally posted here. The views posted here are his and his alone and may or may not be shared by the website as a whole ;) Hi. My name is Josh and I’m an addict. No, I never did drugs. I don’t smoke. I hardly even drink. I’m addicted […]

Streettogs Academy No. 12 “Love” Results and Analysis


(Cover photo by Assignment No. 12 Community’s choice Forrest Walker) All the things we do are best done when you love what you are doing. This is an emotion natural to all of us that is open to a lot of possibilities and executions. With that said, here are some of the best of the […]

Learn From the Masters: Lesson #1 Get Closer


Hey streettogs, I’m starting a new book on a distillation of all the “Learn from the Masters” articles I’ve written. I hope these daily lessons can inspire you, I know they inspired me! — “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” – Robert Capa One of the common mistakes that many beginning […]

Creative Constraints are Freedom: Abstract Street Photography by Maarten Rots


Restricting to open up. How less can be more when going out to shoot. I am strongly convinced that creating restrictions leads to more freedom and development when it comes to creativity. This may sound very counterintuitive but I have experiences to back up my claims. I just finished an intense week of photographing which […]