The Vibrant Street Light of Sydney by Greg Marsden (Ho Hum)

1x1.trans The Vibrant Street Light of Sydney by Greg Marsden (Ho Hum)

Greg Mardsen (Ho Hum) is a street photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

I’m Greg, an LA-born, Sydney-based photographer. I’ve had a number of life experiences that have shaped how I see the world and take pictures. From playing bass in a pre-Guns N’ Roses band with Slash and Steve Adler to working in combat zones in Central America and the Middle East to busting bad guys as an undercover cop in Germany. I’ve traveled significantly throughout America, Asia, and Europe; was in Berlin for the fall of the wall and at the flash point in South Central Los Angeles during the LA riots.

I’m a trained psychologist and more recently was a senior executive in a large corporation. A few years ago I decided to ditch the tie, follow a passion, and take pictures full-time.

I’ve never been poorer. Or happier.

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The Loose Documentary of Andy Kochanowski

(A.g.’s note: Eric interviewed Andy Kochanowski. Check out his origin story, Life as a Burn My Eye Member, and his interesting advice to photographers. All photographs are the respected copyright of Andy Kochanowski.)

1x1.trans The Loose Documentary of Andy Kochanowski

Eric: Great to have you Andy. Let’s start from your beginnings in photography. When did you first pick up a camera and “discover” street photography?

Andy: Let’s get the terms right, Eric, I like to think of it as loose documentary. What I do is watch and wait until something interesting happens.

But the beginning, that must have been back in the ‘90’s when I was traveling a lot to London after I got done with school. I had learned how to develop film and built a small darkroom in my basement, and began to travel with a Canon AE-1 that I had bought a couple years earlier and shooting Tri-X at night when I wasn’t working. I had never picked up a photo book, though I did have a subscription to Photo & Darkroom magazine that (I think) was then edited by Mike Johnston, The Online Photographer. I shot quite a few rolls in SoHo, Leicester Square, which were close to where my firm had a flat. That was my first introduction into just being there and looking. The results were predictable and boring of course, but since I’d never seen anything else I thought my photos were pretty good.

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Interview with Bellamy Hunt (Japan Camera Hunter) and Tour of His Office in Tokyo

I recently had the chance to catch up with Bellamy Hunt (Japan Camera Hunter) in Tokyo. In this video he gives us a tour of his office, shares why he does what he does, and advice regarding photography, film, and life.

See my video interview with him from 2 years ago and a video of us camera shopping.

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Stories Behind The Photos: Dimitris Makrygiannakis and Kaushal Parikh

1x1.trans Stories Behind The Photos: Dimitris Makrygiannakis and Kaushal Parikh

Photo by Dimitris Makrygiannakis

A.g.’s note: We previously had the chance to feature That’s life street photography collective members Dimitris Makrygiannakis and Kaushal Parikh. Dimitris treated us with his Transformative Experience of shooting street photography abroad  and an interview Eric had with him about  Surrealism and Symbolism while Kaushal shared his thoughts on how he is Conquering the streets of Mumbai. They are back this time telling us stories behind some of their favorite the street shots. They also have a series of upcoming workshops. Details of it are at the bottom of the post.

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The Quick Straight Right of Sye Williams: Interview by Chris Stoltz

1x1.trans The Quick Straight Right of Sye Williams: Interview by Chris Stoltz

A.g.’s Note: Chris Stoltz shares to us one of his favorite photographers he got the privilege of shooting with, the L.A. based Sye Williams. Sye shares some of his inspirations, personal work, Photography Origins, and nuggets of wisdom. All of the photos are the respected copyright of Sye Williams. Here’s Chris with the interview:

Chris: Sye might be my new favorite photographer. I met him recently on a video shoot while working as a grip. He showed up because he was friends with the rest of the crew, arriving via skateboard. I hit it off with him immediately because he had a Leica M8 dangling over his shoulder. I asked him about his recent purchase and, in-between grabbing lights and helping with the video, he told me how his career in photography started.

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Producing or Evoking Myths: Street Photography by Peter McCollough

1x1.trans Producing or Evoking Myths: Street Photography by Peter McCollough

Peter McCollough is a photographer based in Oakland, California. 

Peter: The inspiration for these images is manifold but films would be at the root of it all. While going to school for photojournalism my idealistic intentions of doing something positive for the world through documentary work faded away for various reasons. I was naive. I knew I could excel in the industry, but at personal and artistic costs that made me realize I wasn’t a good fit for it.

I’m a person driven by dream logic and imagination, so it’s more comfortable to try and bend reality towards fiction. When I began using documentary images in edits that felt like fictional stories, I started having fun again. Street photography became a natural segway because it’s so much easier to project onto what you’re photographing. It’s a really free, non-committal genre, less complicated. Editing is a big deal. I’m way more attached to edits than individual images. It’s rare that an individual image moves me the way that a string of well placed images do.

My friend pointed me to a quote that sums up how I’ve always felt about it all:

“The only photojournalistic images that remain interesting are the ones that produce or evoke myths.”
-Torbjørn Rødland

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Be Cool: The Photography of DAYV MATTT

1x1.trans Be Cool: The Photography of DAYV MATTT

(A.g.’s note: I’ve been a long time fan and follower of DAYV MATTT on tumblr. He is such a great person to interview and is the type of person who tells it like it is! He Straightforward in his answers and in his photography. This was a really fun interview and I hope all of you enjoy. Cheers! All Photos are owned by Dayv Mattt.)

A.G.:You started out in Toronto Photographing the Jungle/DnB Rave scene right? How did you end up in the streets of Seoul, then in Colombo?

DAYV: Shooting DnB raves was a lot of fun because I didn’t really dance, and it was fun documenting the scene. It was a pretty close knit group back then but as the parties got bigger I attended less and less shows. I never thought those pictures would go anywhere…and for the most part, they haven’t. In 2002 a buddy of mine who was living in Seoul called me up and asked me if I wanted to work with him in Seoul. I said yes, and seven days later I was in Korea. Seoul didn’t really have a music scene I gave a rat’s ass about at the time so I started shooting street photography. It just sort of grew on me. In 2012 I moved to Sri Lanka for reasons I don’t really want to get into, but I will be returning to Seoul, then Gwang-ju, this coming July. I’m pretty stoked to shoot in Gwang-ju, which is around three hours south of Seoul.

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