Of Raising Dogs And Pursuing Reflections: An Interview With Siri Thompson


(Interview by A.g. De Mesa. All photos by Siri Thompson) Siri Thompson is a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. She constantly photographs her city in a manner inspired by her photographic heroes while putting her own unique twist. Siri also has a soft place in her heart for animals. Her photos feature a lot of imagination […]

Creative Constraints are Freedom: Abstract Street Photography by Maarten Rots


Restricting to open up. How less can be more when going out to shoot. I am strongly convinced that creating restrictions leads to more freedom and development when it comes to creativity. This may sound very counterintuitive but I have experiences to back up my claims. I just finished an intense week of photographing which […]

Interview with bigheadtaco on Instagram, Street Photography, and Life

Interview with bigheadtaco on Instagram, Street Photography, and Life

Inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” I interviewed bigheadtaco, a local Vancouver-based street photographer driving around. Take (his real name) gives great practical advice on Instagram, branding, street photography, life, and following your own voice and vision. Enjoy this interview, and make sure to follow him on his channels below: Follow bigheadtaco: YouTube Instagram […]

“Be True to Yourself; Great Things Will Come”: Interview with Daniel Arnold


I’m very excited to share this recent interview I did with Daniel Arnold. You might have heard about Daniel and his work through the controversy of him getting kicked off Instagram for showing nudity on Gawker, his Forbes feature on how he made $15,000 in one day selling 4×6 prints for $150, or his profile on […]

“Photography is Photography, a Photo is a Photo”: Interview with Neil Ta

"Peg leg" by Neil Ta

I just had a recent chat with my manager and good friend Neil Ta. Neil is a professional photographer based in Toronto (shoots wedding and commercial work), and his passion is photography. He has dabbled in many different genres of photography, including “urbex” (urban exploration), “rooftopping” (getting to really high places), documentary photography (he is […]

Interview with Karl Edwards on Starting StreetShootr, Street Photography as a Harmonica, and How to Shoot with a Leica


I just did a fun interview with my good friend Karl Edwards (he runs StreetShootr) and has a blast chatting about his start in street photography, his tension between shooting film and digital, practical tips on how to shoot with a Leica, his favorite photography books, and why he likens shooting street photography to playing […]

Jared Krause: Inspired by Light and Colour


(Editor’s Note: Words and Photographs by Jared Krause) I started shooting in June of 2009. I had causally been thinking about photography and decided to buy a camera. I started posting to a photo blog because I felt like photography was a good way to share my experiences with other people. Shooting street photos gave […]

Dissecting the Layers of Portland: An Interview with Nick Gervin


(Editor’s Note: Interview by Eric Kim. Photographs by Nick Gervin.) Eric: Hey Nick great to have you. Can you start off by telling us a (brief) life story and how you first picked up a camera? Nick: Thanks for having me, Eric. I first picked up a camera in 1992 at the age of twelve. I wanted to […]