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Earlier this year I met up with Hector Isaac, a street photographer originally from Cuba who moved and started shooting street photography in Miami, and now is based in LA. He is a part of the Strata collective.

In the video Interview I talk with him about his start in street photography, about the Miami Street Photography Festival, and his thoughts about working in color!

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1x1.trans Capturing the Emotional Connection to People, Places, and Objects: Interview with Christophe Agou from In Public

Christophe Agou is a street photographer from France, currently based in New York. He is a part of In-Public, and his published works include “Life Below: The New York Subway” and his newest book: “LES FAITS SECONDAIRES” ( SECONDARY FACTS).


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1x1.trans Interview with Jesse Marlow from In Public on His New Street Photography Book: Dont Just Tell Them, Show Them

Jesse Marlow is a street photographer based in Melbourne, and a member of In-Public. He recently published his book: “Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them.” The images were shot over a 9 year period on the streets of Australia and Europe and features 50 color photographs. I interview him on his start in street photography, the book-making process, and his interest in color film.



I recently had a chance to catch up and grab a coffee with Justin Vogel and Matt Stuart while I was in NYC. I did a quick video interview with Justin about his feelings on moderating the HCSP group on Flickr, what he thinks makes a memorable image, shooting color film, and his other thoughts on street photography.

You can also see a past interview with him on my blog here.

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1x1.trans Moving Quietly Along the Flock, Invisibly: Interview with Igor Rudenko from Kiev, Ukraine

Igor Rudenko is a street photographer who captures poetic and timeless monochromatic images from Kiev, Ukraine. This interview is by Mehdi Bouqua, a street photographer from Downtown LA.



Observe Collective Interview #5: Fadi Boukaram

by Eric Kim on March 29, 2014

1x1.trans Observe Collective Interview #5: Fadi Boukaram

OBSERVE is an international photography collective focused primarily on the practice of candid street photography. This week’s feature is Fadi Boukaram, a street photographer currently based in Broumana, Lebanon.



1x1.trans Capturing Space, Color, and Light in Sao Paulo: Street Photography by Gustavo Minas

Gustavo Minas is a street photographer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and part of the Street-Photographers and the SelvaSP collective.

Gustavo: Hi there, I’m a 32 years old guy born in Cassia, a small town in Brazilian countryside, now living in Sao Paulo. I first got interested in photography during my journalism course at uni, around 2001. Maybe a bit earlier, as I drew a lot as a child, roughly, and photographed school parties with a point and shoot.

After university, I lived in London for 1 year, working as a waiter and just spending time. I bought a handycam with miniDV tapes and started filming everything around, later editing with Windows Movie Maker. I was inspired by those late boring Godard movies, which are mostly about apparently random images. These were the origins of my street photography, as the process was about the same – wandering alone and watching people.


1x1.trans The Culture: Documenting the Life of a Korean Tattoo Artist by Josh White

The Culture” © JT White

This guest blog post is by JT White, a street photographer currently based in Seoul, Korea.

JT: Eric and I often talk about projects as we work on them. We often help each other edit, sequence. He usually does the editing, me the sequencing. I suppose that is just what we’re good at. While editing my project, The Culture, Eric asked if I would write a short post about the project and how it came about.

As a bit of background, Eric and I have been friends for a long time. We taught a Leica Workshop together in Seoul a couple of years ago. Shortly after that workshop I came back to Canada. During that time I had four different Leica cameras and a bunch of lenses. I was like the king of gear. I had everything and bought and sold everything else.



1x1.trans Global Wandering: Colorful Street Photos from Around the World by Daniel Kramer

Daniel Kramer: These images are part of a street photography book in progress that I’m working on and which I’ve tentatively titled “Global Wanderings.” I’ve gone through one round of editing with Mike Davis and now I’m carefully combing through and digitizing my archives which is both a joy and a pain.

Warning: One of the photos in this post is Not Safe For Work.



Observe Collective Interview #4: David Horton

by Eric Kim on February 24, 2014

1x1.trans Observe Collective Interview #4: David Horton

Eric’s Note: ​OBSERVE is an international photography collective focused primarily on the practice of candid street photography. This week’s feature is David Horton from Boston, Massachusetts. 

David Horton: I’m a graphic designer by day, street photographer by accident. After art directing and observing some of the finest commercial photographers in the business for over a decade, I made the conscious decision to get behind the camera instead of the photographer. I discovered street photography. I am primarily interested in making emotional connections. I’m interested in telling stories and creating a narrative. I’m interested in capturing the mystery—the mystery of life and the beauty of people moving through the world.



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