Streettogs Academy No. 19

Youngjae wants us to photograph the invisible. For this month’s assignment, it’s going to be wind! (Details of joining and more info after the jump!)

Streettogs Academy Assignment No. 18

For this month’s assignment, the editor’s choice, Kim Allen, chose “Adapting to the elements!” (Details of joining and more info after the jump!)

Streettogs Academy No. 17 “Self Awareness” Results and Analysis

Here we go! This latest one was very nice from my point of view because I got to know a little bit of each of the member just by their photographs alone. It was interesting mix of humor, drama, and a life with photography.  Without further ado, here are the choices for this assignment:

Streettogs Academy Assignment No. 17

For the latest Assignment over at Streettogs Academy, our editor’s choice, Jota Barros chose Self Awareness. (Details of joining and more info after the jump!)

Streettogs Academy 14: “Rhythm” Results and Analysis

(Cover photo by Assignment 14 Community’s Choice, Michele Berlingeri) This has got to be one of the assignments that got the most number of beautiful pictures so far! The number of interpretations given to our theme is very diverse. Let’s start our analysis with our Community’s Choice:

Streettogs Academy No. 12

Almost 12 months ago, during Eric’s trip here in Manila, he pitched me an idea that he wants me to handle. He told me that I am good at looking at photographs and at the same time he needs a little help running this blog so he told me to start an assignment group. Here… Read more about Streettogs Academy No. 12

Streettogs Academy No. 11

11th assignment of the Streettogs Academy! We are nearing our 12th assignment that might be just in times for the anniversary as well. Congratulations to Monika Jaskowska Bablok for getting the editor’s choice for the previous assignment! Let’s keep cracking on the next one. This one is going to be a bit of a challenge but should… Read more about Streettogs Academy No. 11

Streettogs Academy no. 10: Results and Analysis

Many milestones have been hit for the tenth assignment! We just crossed 3,000 members, implemented new rules for the group, and have the ninth assignment translated in russian and german! The community is growing and we have to keep on going! Here we go!

Streettogs Academy No. 10

I’ve always believed that good work will stand out on its own and it will spread. That is pretty much what happened in our assignment No. 9. given by Harry Fodor. Everyone gave out great black and white work which in turn gave a bit of limelight to the group attracting new members. Streettogs Academy… Read more about Streettogs Academy No. 10

Streettogs Academy No. 7

Everyone seems antsy and excited for the next assignment. So I’ll be quick and not do my usual introduction this time and head straight to it! Here is what Streettogs Academy 6 editor’s choice, Sam Traschel picked for us:

Streettogs Academy Assignment No. 4

Thank you to all the street photographers who are keeping our Streettogs Academy Facebook page a very nice and active community. Thank you for all of your participation and to Jomel “Dada Bear” Bartolome for our previous assignment. Our Assignment no. 3 editor’s choice, Bertrand Domas came up with a nice assignment for us. It was… Read more about Streettogs Academy Assignment No. 4

Streettogs Academy Assignment No. 2

I’d like to start by thanking everyone who joined our Streettogs Academy facebook page and giving a congratulations to everyone who participated in our first Assignment and props to Helio Tomita who got our Editor’s choice. We hope you learned something new from that assignment. As promised, our editor’s choice will be the one choosing the… Read more about Streettogs Academy Assignment No. 2

Introducing Streettogs Academy

We always push for people to keep on practicing and developing your skills and your eye. We also believe in having a passionate group of people helping each other to become good with this passion of ours. With that in mind, we are launching a new initiative here on the blog: Streettogs Academy.

Street Photography Weekly Assignment #9: “Sensuality/Sexuality” Winner

I am excited that for this week’s winner for the “Sensuality/Seuxality” theme chosen by last week’s winner Timothy Cadman is Josefiel Rivera! Definition of Sensuality (by the Merriam-Webster dictionary): The relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite. Definition of Sexuality (by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary): The quality or state of being sexual. The… Read more about Street Photography Weekly Assignment #9: “Sensuality/Sexuality” Winner

Street Photography Weekly Assignment #8: “Surreal”

Jonathan Carvajal, the winner of last week’s photo assignment “Backyard” made this week’s street photography weekly assignment: “Surreal“. Interpret “Surreal” however you would like, and upload your best (1) shot to my Facebook fan page by 11:59pm on Thursday (8/23). Know it isn’t a lot of time to shoot, but remember “Pressure makes diamonds“.

Street Photography Weekly Assignment #7: “Backyard” Winners

The winner of last week’s challenge: “Emotion“, in which the winner Michael Meinhardt chose this week’s theme: “Backyard“. I took a look at the entries on my Facebook fan page, and congratulations to Jonathan Caravajal for winning this week’s assignment! The reason I really like Jonathan’s image is for several reasons:

Street Photography Weekly Assignment #6: “Emotion” Winners

(Winning Photo: Michael Meinhardt) Eric: Congratulations to Michael Meinhardt for winning last week’s weekly assignment: “Emotion“. The reason I thought that this photo was the winning photograph was for several reasons. First of all, I feel that the emotion in Michael’s shot it is an emotion we can all relate with (envy, jealousy, and lust) related… Read more about Street Photography Weekly Assignment #6: “Emotion” Winners

The 8 Best “Smile” Street Photographs From My Weekly Assignment

(Above image by Valery Titievsky) The street photography assignment for this week was “Smile”. Thanks for everyone who submitted their best images! I chose the 8 images I liked the most. Stay tuned for the next week’s assignment, and make sure to stay updated via my Facebook fan page!

The 3 Best Submissions for my “Wide-Angle” Weekly Street Photography Assignment

Eric Metzler Thanks to everybody who submitted to last week’s street photography assignment which was: “Wide-Angle“. Many of you submitted great entries, and I have chosen the best 3 here to display! Aaron Offord  Gary Tyson  The theme this week will be “Smile“. Please take a new photo this week and upload it to my Facebook fan page by Thursday… Read more about The 3 Best Submissions for my “Wide-Angle” Weekly Street Photography Assignment

11 Touching Street Photographs of Hands

Roger Boon This week’s street photography assignment of the week was “Hands“. Thanks to everybody who sent in their submissions to my Facebook fan page. Stay tuned for next week’s assignment, and keep on reading to check out the rest of the inspirational images!