13 Street Photography Gift Ideas

If you’re thinking of a gift for the street photographer in your life, or buying yourself a gift this holiday season, HAPTIC INDUSTRIES x ERIC KIM have you covered:

Street Photography Lifestyle

Dear friend, I don’t just see street photography as a genre of photography — I see street photography as a way of life.

Photography Therapy

To conquer and overcome the shitty feelings you might have in life, photography is one of the ultimate solutions.

How Do You Define Success?

Vincent van Gogh didn’t sell a single painting in his life — does that make him “unsuccessful”.

10 Travel Photography Tips

Dear friend, Here is a list of all my travel clothing and equipment, hacks, and practical insights I wish I knew when I started traveling and shooting photos.

7 Simple Photography Project Ideas

When I’m lacking inspiration in photography, I like to work on mini projects. Here are some ideas that I’ve used, that you can use too:

Back to Basics

Taking it back to basics is to remember the same passion and enthusiasm you had for photography when you were a beginner. Before you got your mind clouded by “rules” and the opinion of “experts”.

Introduction to Stoicism

I changed my middle name to Seneca, as an homage to my stoic master — for helping me find more peace, tranquility, purpose, and strength in my life.

HAPTIC Special Education Discounts & Free Creative Every Day

Our Mission: Empowerment through Creativity and Education We believe that creativity and making things empowers us all. It helps us to think and dream big. To play and wonder. We also believe that education is the key to empowerment for the youth, and for all of us.


Dear friend, An idea: to truly become a unique species of photographer or visual artist — creatively isolate yourself.


A theory: to succeed in today’s capitalist economy, you must be creative.

Gestalt Theory For Photographers

I’m currently teaching myself Gestalt Theory, a principle mostly applied to designers. Here are some ideas which can make you see the visual world from a design standpoint: