The Treachery of Images: Surrealist Photography Techniques

1. Mirror images, seeing in double

Sergio Larrain. CHILE. Valparaiso. 1963.
1937, Not to be reproduced, by Rene Magritte

2. Curtains over the face

Man with curtain on face. Istanbul, 2013
The lovers, 1928, Rene Magritte
The lovers, 1928, Rene Magritte

3. Light bulb head

1937, the pleasure principle. By Rene Magritte
Suit and yellow flowers. Hong Kong, 2014

4. Cut off face via reflections in mirror

Man washing hands in bathroom. Yellow background, and face obstructed.

5. The treachery of images

Come in, we’re open!
Love our high class customers.

Words and images that don’t align.

Out of order.
Good things happen
Diversion ends.

Examples from Rene Magritte:

1948, treachery of images. This is not a pipe. Magritte

6. Extreme close up of eye

1928, the fslse mirror eye in clouds by Rene Magritte

Eyes are the windows to the soul — or something else?

Ridley Scott, closeup of eye, beginning of blade runner movie

7. Surrealist architecture

Urban landscape still from Blade Runner

Inspiration from Antonio Sant Elia who wrote, “The manifesto for futurist architecture”:

For surrealist inspiration, also study Giorgio de Chirico:

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