Happy New Years From Eric & Cindy!

Dear friend,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s from me and Cindy in Marseille!

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2017 has been an incredible year of growth, learning, and creative exploration. Some life updates, to prepare ourselves for the new year :)

My personal life lessons

I outlined some of my life lessons from 2017, which boils down the importance of having a child-like mind, a sense of play, joy in the simplicity of everyday life, and photographers are artists.

33 Photography New Year’s Resolutions

If you feel like 2017 wasn’t a productive year, don’t fret– I put together 33 inspirational photography new year’s resolutions to motivate you for this upcoming year. Personally, I always find it difficult to find more inspiration in my photography, and having assignments and resolutions (while I often cheat), are always a good push in the right direction.

Eric & Cindy Conversations on Success

Cindy just put together a new inspirational film– conversations on success. Here is Cindy’s director’s statement:

“It’s simple, really. We like to pause, look around, and think about life. We made this to invite you to join us in conversation about what is important/not and to ask why/why not? With end of the year festivities, we took a moment to pause and reflect. In this moment of quiet meditation, we converse honestly about life, gratitude, and redefining expectations around ‘success’ and the artistic process. Happy Holidays from Cindy & Eric. We wish you a new year of hope, honesty, and rediscovering your inner child.”

New Products in HAPTIC Shop

ANNETTE KIM x Photographer’s Hand Artwear

We are excited to announce the following new products in our HAPTIC shop:


Eric and I will be taking some time off with our family and will partially close the HAPTIC shop December 26, 2017 to January 24, 2017. A limited inventory of our products will be available on Amazon (Street NotesHenri wrist strapMASTERSPhoto Journal,and more) and shipped as usual until supplies run out. During this period only the digital products,  shirts, and Sunlanders by Sean Lotman will be available for purchase in the HAPTIC shop.

Start the new year fresh with STREET CLUB Winter School

Push your photography, provide and receive constructive critique, and start off the new year with STREET CLUB Winter School. Continuing the successful STREET CLUB (Summer 2017), STREET CLUB WINTER SCHOOL (Starting January 1, 2018) is your photography learning community to motivate yourself to go out and shoot with specific assignments.


Let’s make 2018 great!

Selfie of me and Cindy in Marseille, 2017


Thank you so much for the love and support over this year. Let’s ring in the new year with a new sense of hope, excitement, and creative curiosity!

Hugs from Marseille,

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