Laughing lady abstract, 2017

Dear friend,

An idea: to truly become a unique species of photographer or visual artist — creatively isolate yourself.

1. How do species adapt?

Cindy diagonal Dutch angle. Saigon, 2017

Isolate yourself from modern-day social media and hype. Surround yourself with the masters of photography and art.

I’m reading Charles Darwin “On the origin of species”— and this one of the main principles he suggested —how species adapt, evolve, with new and beneficial adaptations.

Abstract. Cindy diagonal Dutch angle. Saigon, 2017

2. Isolate yourself from social media

Face abstract. Amsterdam, 2017

For example, I’m so glad I deleted my Instagram, and I’m off the social media treadmill of uploading images everyday. I remember I used to get anxiety when I didn’t upload my daily photo. Now, I’m in my little happy zen bubble, surrounding myself with close friends and family, surrounding myself with great artists of the past, and finding the biggest inspiration from outside of photography — from music, architecture, design, zen philosophy, poets like Homer, and sculpture.

Vector. Face abstract. Amsterdam, 2017

3. You need time to become unique.

Abstract walking woman with umbrella. Seoul. 2009

I’m not suggesting for you to isolate yourself from everyone. I’m saying,

Isolate yourself as far away from trends, hype, and anything social media.

You are a rare species, a rare animal — you need time to adapt, and you need time to grow, and to develop your very unique vision.

Walking woman with umbrella. Seoul. 2009

Stay focused,