How to Become Stronger

How to overcome fear, and become the best you.


Does fear hold you back?

I don’t know about you, but for me— Fear is my chain. Fear is what holds me back. Fear is what prevents me from reaching my personal maximum and potential.

I’m afraid that people won’t like me. I’m afraid that people will unfollow or unsubscribe from me, or say bad things about me.

I was raised to be a “people pleaser”— I only felt good about myself if I made others feel good.

Strength is the answer

But the problem is that if you devote too much of your life pleasing others, you will become a slave. A slave to the opinions of others, rather than the master of yourself and your own self-opinion of yourself.

To conquer fear, we need to become stronger.

Pain desensitization

Abstract by ERIC KIM

The more we accustom ourselves to pain, the stronger we will get. Why? Because the pain sensors can be dulled.

I take cold showers quite religiously. The cold still is painful, yet — less painful than it was in the past. The longer I take cold showers, the less painful it becomes.

Abstract by ERIC KIM

In life, the more I try to fail and try to get rejected —the more confidence I build. For example, the “10 no challenge” in my workshops is designed to push people outside of their comfort zone, and no longer fear rejection. Instead, we re-wire our brains to seek to get rejected.

This makes us stronger, because we no longer fear the pain associated with social rejection—arguably the worst pain you can experience as a human being.

Intermittent fasting

I don’t eat breakfast or lunch, to help me build a tolerance to hunger.

Furthermore, I find that I become mentally and physically stronger, when I’m in a fasted state.

For example, when I’m hungry, I can actually deadlift heavier weights. This is why whenever I hit the gym, I make sure I don’t eat anything before.

Also, when I’m in a fasted state, I’m more productive with my content creation. I can write more, and produce more videos.

To become stronger, practice intermittent fasting. Just don’t eat breakfast, wait until lunch. Don’t eat snacks. If you’re hungry, just drink water, black coffee, or tea.

Make hunger your slave; don’t be the slave of your hunger.

Push Yourself 25% past your comfort zone

London, 2014

Push your limits, the only way to become stronger.

When working out, seek to do 25% more repetitions. With your creative work, try to push yourself 25% more.

LAUGHING LADY by Eric Kim Contact Sheets from MASTERS

For example, when I’m shooting street photography and I feel awkward, or scared to shoot more, I force myself to shoot 25% more pictures than I think I “should”. By pushing myself 25% more, I end up taking better pictures.

Assignments to become stronger

Other ways you can push yourself:

In your creative life, don’t see boundaries or barriers holding you back. All your walls are self-constructed.

You got no limits. Fly high, be bold, and every day, seek to become stronger.




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