Shoot For Yourself

”I’m always trying to channel those personal emotions into my work. That is very different from a lot of documentary photographers who want to depict the city more objectively. For me it is very personal – it’s about what is inside me. I don’t think about what other people will make of it. I shoot… Read more about Shoot For Yourself

Only 30 Days Left For Early-Bird Discount: London Conquer Your Fears in Street Photography Workshop

Dear friend, Don’t miss your chance to save by taking advantage of the special early-bird discount for my London Conquer Your Fears in Street Photography Workshop (January 27-28, 2018). The deadline for early—bird registration is December 31, 2017. This will be my last workshop in the UK and Europe for a long time, so don’t… Read more about Only 30 Days Left For Early-Bird Discount: London Conquer Your Fears in Street Photography Workshop

Forever Be an Amateur

“I am an amateur and intend to remain one my whole life long. I attribute to photography the task of recording the real nature of things, their interior, their life. The photographer’s art is a continuous discovery, which requires patience and time. A photograph draws its beauty from the truth with which it’s marked.” –… Read more about Forever Be an Amateur

Buy Yourself Experiences, Not Stuff

A life lesson I’ve learned: the best “bang for your buck” in terms of happiness, joy, novelty, and excitement in life is purchased through EXPERIENCES, not stuff.

How to Shoot From Your Gut

“My photography is not ‘brain photography’. I put my brain under the pillow when I shoot. I shoot with my heart and with my stomach.” – Anders Petersen


Dear friend, If you’re an intermediate-advanced street photographer looking to push yourself to the next level, you have arrived at STREET PHOTOGRAPHY 103: your personal masterclass for street photography.


Proud of all the women of HAPTIC. We are majority women led, family operated industry and are driven by a spirit of experimentation and creative collaboration. We are not anonymous. Our products are a story.

Push Yourself to Failure to Grow Stronger

How to turn negative situations into positive ones, how we grow stronger, and why we must push ourselves to failure, and the importance of the right difficulty in life.


Inspiration Breathe in ideas, pictures and art Exhale Creative output, images, and meaning.

Why Attend an ERIC KIM Workshop?

ERIC KIM WORKSHOPS: A chance for you to conquer your fears, meet new peers, and take your street photography to the next level.

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