You gotta be a selfish photographer.

A selfish photographer is a good thing. The more selfish, the more self-centered you are as a photographer and artist— the less you care about the pictures of others, the less jealous and envious you are of other photographers, and the more you can FOCUS on your own artistic vision and production.

A selfish photographer doesn’t complain— he knows that it is in his own power to make his own pictures according to his own vision. He doesn’t complain about where he lives, his equipment or that he is being “held down” by anyone else. A selfish photographer is fully self-sufficient and independent in himself, and is quite noble.

A selfish photographer makes pictures that brings him (or her) joy. A selfish photographer really doesn’t care what others think of their pictures. A selfish photographer is always joyful, optimistic, and looking forward to the future— a vast landscape of potentiality and new images.

So friend, seek to be more self-centered in your photography. The more selfish you are in your photography, the more you will please yourself, the more authentic your pictures will be, and the more you will please your audience.