Man in ticket counter Penn station. NYC, 2017
Man in ticket counter Penn station. NYC, 2017

Don’t complain
Love the pain
No pressure, no stress… no strain.

Change up the game
Make a new you
Don’t complain
Make your own rules
Don’t wait to be chosen
You’re an individual, you’re rosen

Korean veteran. American flag. NYC.

You’re golden
You’re solid
Educate yourself
Fuck a college.

Gain your own self-knowledge
Do you know who you is?
Do you know what’s really happening, and what’s the biz?

Don’t care what is his or hers
You own yourself.

Eric kim selfie. Pentax 645z

So friend,
Know that your horizon is infinite
It’s dark and cloudy and indefinite
But put on the high beams and the window wipers
Don’t stay at that shitty job; never be a “lifer”.

You were destined for greatness
So don’t hesitate— hustle with haste.
Travel light, no waste

Once you get that taste for freedom there is no going back
So be strong and let’s get ready for war
Black face paint.