How to Create Yourself

Dear friend, You make you. Make a mold of yourself, put your two feet in your new wax shoes.

How to Find Your Unique Vision in Photography

Your voice is unique — the focus of your photography shouldn’t be to discover a “better” voice or vision in photography. No, the focus you should have is to better understand and better listen to your own voice and vision in photography.

How to Conquer Regret

Dear friend, If you’ve ever felt regret or remorse in life, and that guilt holds you back… here is some advice to help you conquer those emotions and feelings, in order for you to move forward, and continue to do good in your life.

RAN (CHAOS), 1985 Film Cinematography by Akira Kurosawa

RAN, which means Chaos in Japanese, is one of my new favorite films by Akira Kurosawa — for the beautiful cinematography, the color combinations, and the strong storyline borrowed from Shakespeare’s “King Lear”:

Your Life is Worth Living!

Dear friend, Sometimes to live is an act of courage– but never forget, YOUR LIFE IS PRECIOUS, AND WORTH LIVING!


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Your Pictures Are For You

Dear friend, Not everyone is gonna ‘get’ or appreciate your pictures. Why not? Because not everyone has the same vision as you.

The Power of Photography

Photography is a powerful force that can change, and transform our lives, for the better. Photography is amazing, and powerful.

Happiness is Overrated

Dear friend, An idea that might make life a lot more pleasant and good— realize that happiness is overrated. Rather, seek GROWTH.


Dear friend, This is a personal manual for how you can master photography for yourself– based on the last decade of my photography experiences.

Why You Must Not Call Yourself a Photographer

Dear friend, A practical word of advice: don’t call yourself a photographer. Rather, call yourself a “visual artist”, or better yet—an “artist”— or better yet, a child.

What Stimulates Your Eyes?

I just read Lucretius “On the nature of things” and was interested — what stimulates your eyes, why, and how does it affect your visual perception, how does it affect how you make pictures, and ultimately — what does photography mean to you?


KILL EK What he says and what he does ain’t the same—

Annette Kim work in progress: Bauhauspiration

ANNETTE: Hello friends!  Recently I have been drawn to the Bauhaus style.  Bauhaus was an art/architecture/design movement around 1920’s-1930’s in Germany but its effects are still seen and recognized in todays world.

New Eyes For New Pictures

Do you got new eyes for new pictures? Do you got visual ingenuity to push your pictures past the Richter?


HAPTIC is a family project of Cindy, Eric, Cindy’s mom, sister Jennifer, Annette (Eric’s sister). We package your HAPTIC books, camera straps, art from California and ship anywhere in the world.


My roots grew deep Weeping willows grow strong from underneath my cheek