Akira Kurosawa: Learn From the Masters

Akira Kurosawa: the Japanese master of cinema who inspired some of the great film directors of today (like Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, George Lucas).


Compositional guidelines and grids from “The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry.”


Inspired by triangle compositions.

Making Pictures IS Happiness!

Dear friend, After some philosophizing, I’ve come to realize… true “happiness” in photography IS making pictures. Very simple.

Why I Travel

Why do I travel? What does traveling mean to me? Why is traveling great, and why is traveling overrated?

Don’t Be a Romantic

Don’t be a romantic for the past. Wishing things to never change. Fearing death. Feeling nostalgia for your childhood, or the “good old days”.

An Intimate Interview with Eric Kim by Arek Rataj

Arek Rataj reached out to me with an insightful interview project called “You can shoot. Can you talk?” My interview with Arek will be released in APF Magazine in the future. Arek kindly allowed me to share the responses here. The photos in this interview are curated by Cindy Nguyen aka HAPTIC.

Live Light

Live light, Live lightly Cut anything that holds you back That prevents you from living rightly.


Charles Darwin was all about this idea of “survival of the fittest”— and the sense I got from the book was this: All organisms are fighting one another, in the brutal struggle for survival. I felt like Darwin made the case that “survival” was the most important thing. My idea:Focus on thriving, not survival. I… Read more about THRIVE OR DIE.

Your Photographic Labor is Not Free

Dear photographer, Your labor is not free. Your time, life, and energy and resources are not free. Then, why do you give up your precious labor for free?

How to Respect Yourself

How to respect yourself? Well to start off, pay attention to your own health Your mental and physical Your visual and lyrical