No Camera, No Lens

A fun idea, what if you want to be ultimate zen in photography? The concept: no camera, no lens.

Avoid Excess

“Nothing in excess” – Solon It recently occurred to me — everything in excess is horrible for us.

Why Do We Buy Cameras?

We buy cameras to look cool. Thus, the proliferation of hipster, old school retro cameras.

How to Conquer Information Overload

If you’ve ever felt anxious for not going a full day without checking your phone, or accidentally leaving your phone at home… having trouble sleeping, etc, you might be suffering from information overload.

Whoever Owns your Attention, Owns You.

Tim Wu wrote a book called “The Attention Merchants”— a fascinating expose on social media companies, and how everyone is fighting for your attention, eye balls, and dollars.


FIAT CURRENCY: our Faith (Fiat) in currency, money, politics, government, economics, and security.


If you’re rigid, you will break and die.

Impatience is a Virtue

I’m impatient. I hate waiting. We’re always taught patience is a virtue. But what if that is wrong?

Alexey Brodovitch: ASTONISH ME.

“Astonish me” – Alexey Brodovitch Alexey Brodovitch is an individual who has had a MASSIVE influence in the history of photography, design, and much more.

70 Street Photography Tips For Beginners

Dear friend, If you’re reading this, you are probably either an aspiring street photographer, or a street photographer with some miles under your belt looking for some inspiration, direction, or motivation.

Stay True to Your Own Style

‘Know your faults and keep to your wits’ – Horace Everyone has a different style in photography and life.


Dear friend, It is currently 9:19pm and I’m enjoying a nice sencha green tea, and meditating on life here in Saigon.

Image-Driven Society

What is an image, and why is it important? And how is it related to photography, and how does it affect our personal lives and the society in which we live in?

Street Photography Ideas

Dear friend, Here are some street photography ideas, freshly pressed from STREET NOTES MOBILE EDITION.

Memento Mori in Photography

In studying the (dead) masters of photography, it is a good reminder – I’m going to die, and so will you. So why waste your life and limited time on planet earth, not making great photos and art?

Be a Doer, Not a Thinker

Dear friend, I wanted to write you a letter on the benefit of doing — rather than “thinking.” Don’t theorize I see a lot of arm-chair philosophers, thinkers, and academics— who simply analyze, theorize, and think. But many of these individuals do not “do.” They don’t take risks. They don’t have skin in the game.… Read more about Be a Doer, Not a Thinker