Street Notes by Cindy Nguyen

Your coat of armor
In photography.

eric kim street photography tokyo-0000545

Street Notes,
Savory the sweet streets
On shooting
When you’re lacking inspiration

Keep on shooting
When your days feel bleak.

eric kim street photography - tokyo-0000358

Keep on shooting
When life seems grim

Keep on shooting
All you do is win.

1 eric kim street photography tokyo-0000511

Don’t shoot with gin in your veins,
Rather shoot with creativity flowing through your brain.

Street photography is your own artistic

So why do you keep delaying
And keep praying for a new camera?

Just shoot with what you have
Grab it
And shoot it.
Simple as that.

Never put a cap to your shooting.
Shoot unlimited,
Because you are unlimited too.
Keep pounding the pavements, until the glue falls out of your shoes.

Downtown LA, 2011 by eric kim street photography

Pound the pavement, make it black and blue
Either shoot solo or hit the streets with your crew.

Hanoi, 2016 eric kim street photography hanoi

Street Notes: your new creative vote.

Street Notes: your armored creative moat.

Street Notes: keep sailing the photo seas, you steer the boat.