Lick the lightning
Even though life might be scary and frightening.

Like Thor,
Be smiting
Your fears one by one
Don’t let your fear weigh you back
Like a ton of lead on your back.

Know friend there is nothing you lack.
You got all the wits, ideas, and genius

Sometimes it feels the world is against us
And wants us to fail
But friend, fucking grab that holy grail
Do it now before you grow old and stale.
Keep shipping products
Like the daily mail.
Be the messenger, and speak in Braille.
Create your own chapters in your tale of life
Be like the pied piper
Fuck staying at a company and being a “lifer”.
Stay sharp like a knife or
Fly high like a kite or
Share the truth like an orator.

Do it now, not later.
Be Willy Wonka and break through the top floor