live a life pure
without sin
without gin and tonic
without fear to knock it
avoid the stock
the sock puppets
the lying two-faced muppets.

I say fuck it
live your life according to your ideals
never steal or plunder
rather let others look up to you in wonder.

If you stay true to yourself you will never blunder.

Don’t care about the opinion of others;
rather, seek to help your sisters and brothers
to take care of them
under you
under showered with praises and gazes
to avoid cryptic mazes in life
to survive every strife and every care
to not care about my own simple needs and greeds
but to feed
my inner-soul,
and to keep pouring out love and good feelings
to help people by the millions
to help others break through false reality and the glass ceiling.

I sometimes don’t know what I’m feeling
but I give a fuck
one big fuck
many big fucks
about you.

Do you have a clue about what your goal or purpose is in life?
Is it to be petty with your wife?
or to rather let your spirit soar high like a kite?
to stay noble like a samurai knight?
to extend your might night and day
to pry the fears away
to not care about the tears you may
feel dark and grey
just stay away
from haters and labels
to not kill your kin
cain and abel
to be able to live today
I pray
like it were your only day
left in life.

So King Kim,
stay long like a slim jim,
and keep your heart true
tin man
you can make it to the emerald city
never think your life is shitty;
it glimmers,
it simmers and boils
burn with passion like tiger balm oil
keep toiling away down the golden brick road
and stay hot like the kitchen stove,
you chose this life for yourself; you know.

Top photo: My mom at the plot of land of her old childhood home in Busan (no longer exists). Below photo, revisited a few years later with Cindy.

So just listen to Cindy and me,
and you will be
who you always wanted to be.

Be strong, Eric.