STRONGER your endurance can last longer


Im writing this while I’m in the front seat of a taxi cab in Bangkok, on the way to the airport, about to see the love of my life (Cindy) after 4 days away.


Dear friend, What does it mean to be a streettog?

Just Shoot.

“Just do it.” – Nike The only way to become a better photographer is to shoot photos; there are no shortcuts.

How to Build a Steel Spine

Nowadays everyone lacks confidence. We lack confidence in expressing ourselves. We lack confidence in taking photos of strangers. We lack confidence in publishing our work, and promoting ourselves. We are afraid of being judged, criticized, and made fun of.

Don’t Eat Yourself to Death

Dear friend, I’ve really been into ancient Greek and Roman Mythology as of late— because I feel all the lessons are timeless about what it means to be a human.

8 Life Lessons Heraclitus Can Teach You

Heraclitus was one of the wisest “pre-Socratic” (before Socrates) philosophers. Many of his sayings were lost in history, but the best bits were preserved.

Life Lessons from FURY (2014)

I just finished watching the movie “FURY” with Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, and Shia LaBeouf (produced by my friend Bill Block) and was blown away (warning, spoiler alerts ahead):

Why I Write

Dear friend, I want to write you a letter about why I write:

New Eric Kim Articles

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Only Shoot What You Like

“I build the cars I like. If people wished to buy them, well, that could possibly be arranged.” Ettore Bugatti It is impossible to know whether others will like your photos or not.

Edward Hopper x Eric Kim

I’ve been ‘tracing’ my favorite Edward Hopper paintings to better understand light, composition, color, and form:


Lamborghini MERCY our souls be so thirsty for something true and real and worthy to become me.


My current mood-board:

Why I Fast

Dear friend, I want to share why I fast (or why I don’t eat breakfast or lunch).


Living in a cubicle hell, with shit to sell How will you feel at the end of your life? Only time will tell.