The 80% Rule

I often suffer from “paralysis by analysis” — I think too much when making decisions, and aim for perfection.

How to Stay in the Game

One of the biggest mistakes I think individuals make in life is to think that “success” is making a ton of money, becoming famous, and having tons of influence.

How to Become Enlightened

No, becoming enlightened is not becoming some Buddhist monk, and meditating on a rock in the middle of the ocean.

24 Life Lessons From Thucydides

Life lessons from the Greek Historian, Thucydides — who actually fought in the Peloponesian war (between the Athenians and Spartans) then wrote a history on it.

How to Be More Courageous in Life

“To be happy means to be free. To be free means to be brave.” – Thucydides The lesson is this: If we are courageous, we gain freedom If we gain freedom, we gain happiness So if you want to be happier, become more courageous.

Shoot Different.

Why shoot like everyone else, when you are a unique, idiosyncratic individual, with unique life experiences, different from everyone else?

How to Believe in Yourself

Dear friend, All of us lack confidence in ourselves— how can we learn to have more confidence, and belief in ourselves?

You’re Infinite

The mind is like the universe. It constantly expands, infinitely. So be like the universe; keep creating. Keep opening the minds of others. Keep expanding your mind. Your mind, creativity, and abilities are infinite. Have the ambition to live 300 years, even though you won’t. This will keep you hungry for the rest of your… Read more about You’re Infinite

Make Photos to Delight Your Soul

‘Poetry, created and invented for the delight of our souls, if it comes ever so little of the summit, sinks to the bottom.’ – Horace Do your photos delight your own soul?