29 Life Lessons I’ve Learned

Dear friend, Today I turn 29 years old, and I wanted to use this opportunity to reflect about my life, and 29 lessons I’ve learned along the way:

How to Travel

Dear friend, I wanted to share some thoughts with you on traveling.

How to Shoot Landscape Photography

Dear friend, I want to write you a letter and some personal reflections about photographing landscapes— particularly, how to shoot “non-boring” landscapes, which aren’t cliche.

Life Hacks: Winter, 2017

Dear friend, I want to share some personal life hacks that have helped me in life (as of Winter, 2017).

Be a Photographer Now

No matter what your situation in life is, there is no better time for you to be a photographer than now.

“Cut the Fat”

When it comes to photography (and food) — you want to cut the fat, and eat the meat.


One new word I’m trying to integrate into my life is “ultralight” — reducing weight in my life. Physical weight, emotional weight, and spiritual weight.

Don’t Count

“Expert counting uses no beads.” – Lao Tzu Truly rich people don’t count the money in their bank account. They know that they are wealthy — because they don’t even worry about how much money they have.

How to Retire Today

Why do we plan for retirement when we are 65 and older– why not retire today?

Wonderment & Awe

Photography is only worthwhile because it gives us excitement, passion, and enthusiasm about the world.

Photography Isn’t a Contest

Dear friend, I wanted to write to you about photography contests — why I generally recommend staying away from them.

Limit Your Palette

When we go to an all-you-can eat buffet, we overload our plates with too many different types of food. This often leads to indigestion, regret, and an upset stomach.


The only thing that separates “successful” people and “unsuccessful” people is grit, tenacity, and endurance.

How to Become a Photography Entrepreneur

Dear friend, if you want to take control of your own life, to live on your own terms, and pursue your passion for photography — here is some advice, tips, or insights I will share with you:

Are Filters “Cheating” in Photography?

One of the common misconceptions I think there is in photography is that using filters, presets, or any sort of post-processing (or ‘Photoshop’) is somehow cheating.

Marvel at Nobody But Yourself

I remember when I started off in photography, I would be marveled by all these great photographers, with their fancy cameras, and their fancy lifestyles.

Are You a “Real” Photographer?

One of the things I hate is when people say snobby things like: “Nowadays because everyone has an iPhone, everyone thinks they are a photographer.”