7 Tips How to Shoot Street Photography

If I started street photography all over again, and could give myself a guide on “how” to shoot in the streets— these are some ideas I would give myself:

7 Lessons Jeff Bezos Can Teach You

A while back I read a book on Jeff Bezos: “The Everything Store” — and was struck by a lot of the life principles Bezos applied to his business and life.


We all think that upgrading our cameras, getting newer cameras, with more megapixels, with more features, functions, and bells & whistles will make us better photographers.

Grain is Beautiful

Dear friend, I have been thinking a lot about the aesthetics of photography — why is it that grain is beautiful, especially with film?

Color Manual

Dear friend, “Color Manual” is a brief (19-page) guide, to get you started off in color photography.

Happy Holidays from Haptic Industries

This holiday season Cinderic will be taking some time off with family, and will not be selling and shipping international orders until February 1, 2017. Amazon orders will still continue to be accepted and shipped as usual.

The Universe Will Provide For You

Most of us live in fear— fear of not being able to pay the rent, fear of not feeding ourselves, or fear of not providing for our families.

Photography is Eating the World

In a famous essay, “Software is eating the world” — internet pioneer Marc Andreessen professed that the future of technology was software, not hardware.

How to Never Rust

We all know the feeling— when we haven’t done something for a while, we become “rusty.”

Die Doing What You Want to Do

You never know when you will die — why risk the chance of dying when you’re doing something you don’t want to do?

Shoot For the Few, Not the Many

I’ve been recently inspired by the Roman poet— Horace, who gave a lot of practical advice to other poets in “Ars Poetica” (the art of poetry):

Say Hello to Photo Journal

Photo Journal is your new Personal Photography handbook to make your photography more personally meaningful: Purchase Photo Journal (Amazon USA) > Purchase Photo Journal (International) >

The Cherry on Top

What is the difference between a “so-so” photograph, and a great photograph?

PDF/ePub: Learn From the Masters of Photography

Dear streettogs, if you’ve ever wanted to read the entire library of “Learn From the Masters of Photography” download it as a free PDF or ePub below: PDF Download (35mb) .ePub Download (2.2mb)

Zen Photography

It is a pleasure to share my new book “Zen Photography” with you.