The Henri Wrist Strap

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Why I Love Cameras with Non-Interchangeable Lenses

I’ve shot with tons of different cameras over the years— Leica’s, Fujis, Micro 4/3rd cameras, Ricohs, Smartphones, Canons, DSLR’s, etc. I’ve found that for me, I most prefer cameras with non-interchangeable lenses (lenses that you can’t change).

35 Money Tips To Become Wealthy

I grew up pretty poor. I had a father who was a chronic gambler, a mom (who was pretty much a single mom) who worked menial jobs. I grew up not knowing whether my mom would be able to pay the rent at the end of the month, and if we’d be homeless.

10 Lessons Pablo Picasso Can Teach You

Pablo Picasso was one of the most prolific, creative, and inspirational artists who has ever lived. Here is a man who created his own destiny — who constantly re-invented himself (regardless of what his critics said), was always creating art, and had fun (like a child).

Sydney Diary 2016

Dear friend, I’m currently at the boarding gate from Sydney>Ho Chi Minh>Hanoi, and I have a few minutes to reflect on my experiences in Sydney, Australia.

Why You Should Create “Parallel Interests” in Your Photography

I’m currently reading “The Essential Drucker” by the management educator Peter Drucker. His insights into companies, communities, society have been quite inspirational to me. The most interesting interesting concept that I got from Drucker was the idea of creating a “parallel career” — a career that goes in tandem with whatever you’re doing right now.… Read more about Why You Should Create “Parallel Interests” in Your Photography

“Adventure awaits!”

When we are children, everyday is a new adventure. Everyday is a chance to learn something new, to explore, meet new people, learn new words, new phrases, and to pick up new social cues. We are bewildered by reality. However as we get older, we become jaded with reality. We feel trapped in these shitty… Read more about “Adventure awaits!”

5 Tips How to Photograph in the Suburbs

I’m currently staying with Cindy’s family in the suburbs, in Garden Grove, Orange County, California. There are no sidewalks here. There is nowhere to shoot “street photography” in the traditional sense. The entire place is full of strip malls, cars, and starbucks.

Why I Give Away My Photos For Free

A friend recently asked me, “Eric — why do you give away your photos and stuff for free? Aren’t you worried that people are just going to copy this stuff, and claim it as their own? You also realize that you can make a ton of money off this stuff, and monetize it more.”

50 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Dear friend, I’ve been blogging since I was 16 years old, which is 12+ years now (from age 16 to age 28). I’ve been blogging about photography for 7+ years (2009–2016). If I started blogging all over again, this is the advice I would give myself:

Melbourne Diary 2016

Dear friend, I wanted to write you a little diary entry from Melbourne. I just got here a few days ago, and have been suffering massive headaches (severe caffeine withdrawals from Vietnam) and mild food-poisoning (think I ate some bad eggs on the flight over). Yet it has been some of the best few days… Read more about Melbourne Diary 2016

6 Lessons Guy Bourdin Has Taught Me About Photography

My primary passion is “street photography” — yet I find my biggest inspiration for my work comes from photographers who aren’t “street photographers.” Enter Guy Bourdin: a fashion photographer who revolutionized the field (alongside Helmut Newton). Bourdin was one of the first photographers to mix fashion, fine art, and commercial photography. His photos are full… Read more about 6 Lessons Guy Bourdin Has Taught Me About Photography