Getting By With Less

Apparently in the Marines they take great pride in having the “shittiest equipment” with the least amount of support. They pride themselves in being able to get by with less. They make up for their lack of equipment through their hustle, determination, creativity, and hard work. What if we could do the same in our… Read more about Getting By With Less

Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion in Photography

I recently read an eye-opening book: “So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love” — in which the author argues against the “passion” hypothesis (the idea that you should follow your passion). The author argues that following your passion often leads to failure.

Traveling Scared to Death and That’s OK: Interview with John Milton

(A.g.’s note: Today’s interview is probably an interesting one. John Milton is a citizen of the world. His travels has brought him to some of the most uncommon places for travel. He answers Eric’s questions and shares some of his experiences on the road and what pushes him to keep going)

Free Live-Streaming Street Photography Workshop with Adobe on July 19-20th

Dear streettogs, I am super pumped to announce that I am hosting my first free live-streaming street photography workshop on July 19-20th (12-3pm Pacific time) on the Adobe Twitch Channel >> The workshop is a two-day affair, and streamed live (so you can ask me any questions or feel free to interrupt me during my presentations).… Read more about Free Live-Streaming Street Photography Workshop with Adobe on July 19-20th

Embrace the Snapshot

The “snapshot” is a word looked down with disdain and hatred. No photographer wants to hear that his/her photos look like “snapshots.” We want our photos to be respected, appreciated, and seen as “art.” But what if there is a benefit of making snapshots in our photography— and what are the joys of making “snapshots”… Read more about Embrace the Snapshot

What is a Photographer?

What is a photographer? A photographer is an individual who sees beauty in the mundane. A photographer is an individual who walks at a slow pace, experiences life fully and vividly, and can capture fleeting moments with precision and poise. A photographer is an individual who is always grateful to be alive, to have a… Read more about What is a Photographer?

Don’t Be a Tourist

I don’t know about you— but there is nothing I hate more than being a tourist. When you’re a tourist; you feel trapped. You do what everyone else tells you what you should do— rather than doing what you personally want to do. There are a lot of ways we can “de-touristify” our lives, photography,… Read more about Don’t Be a Tourist

The Joy of Making Photo Albums

Dear friend, I recently got back from my honeymoon with Cindy from Mexico city (amazing city, highly recommended) and finally we have some time to decompress, reflect on our wedding, and look through all our wedding photos (shot by Neil Ta, Brandon Phan, and video from my cousin Regina). And having all these photos— we… Read more about The Joy of Making Photo Albums

Photograph Anything You Want

Dear friend, I wanted to write you this letter on how to liberate yourself in photography— by photographing what interests you rather than what you think other people will be interested. It means to make your photography more personal, and to make your photos a reflection of who you are as an individual. Remember; photos… Read more about Photograph Anything You Want