[Video] How I Photographed My Own Wedding

Hey streettogs, for those of you who like videos– I just put together a new one sharing my personal experiences photographing my own wedding. You can read the original blog post here: What I Learned Photographing My Own Wedding

The Benefits of Doing Nothing

Dear friend, I wanted to write you this letter about some thoughts I have on “doing nothing”; not feeling like we always need to be “productive”, that we don’t always need to be producing, and how calmness, peace, and tranquility might be the key to what we’re searching for in life.

What I Learned From My Photo Project (Standstill) by Mehran Khalili

Editor’s Note:  Mehran Khalili is a British-Iranian photographer that works in political communications by day and shoots photos by night (and sometimes the other way around). He recently published a photo project on Greece, ‘Standstill’, which looks at the country’s economic shock in over six years of crisis. It has been featured on LensCulture, Vice, Dodho and other… Read more about What I Learned From My Photo Project (Standstill) by Mehran Khalili

Why Envy Any Other Photographer?

One of the most toxic feelings that a photographer (or human being) is to feel envy. Apparently envy is a trait that is deeply embedded in us, even as babies. But why is it that we feel envy, what are we envious about, and what can we do about it?

How to Live like a Nomad Photographer

A nomad mindset means that you are mentally and physically light. You don’t hold onto past possessions. You live in the moment, and you are flexible.

Student Photos: SF Street Portrait Workshop 2016

A few weeks ago, I taught a SF Street Portrait workshop in the downtown financial district. It was an intensive 1-day workshop, where the students hustled hard to (quickly) conquer their fears of shooting street photography, as well as learn how to better interact with strangers.