Be Patient with Your Photographic Process

Dear friend, I wanted to write you a letter on patience– how to be patient in our photography, our personal lives, and how we approach growth and self-compassion.

Fulfill Your “Photographic Impulse”

Dear friend, One thought that struck me recently: we all have an impulse to document and photograph things in our world. But what is this impulse exactly? Can we explain it psychologically? Is it something that all humans have? Or is it something that is unique– which differentiates us photographers from other people?

Learning How to Let Go

The other day I did something really stupid. I accidentally deleted a ton of photos on my camera before uploading them to my laptop.

The London Street Photography Symposium (August 20-21, 2016)

If you want to learn from the top thinkers and influencers in the field of street photography, don’t miss out on The London Street Photography Symposium (August 20-21, 2016). Tickets are now available to purchase >>. Read more to learn more, and see my interview with organizer Jason Reed:

How to Be a “Full-Stack” Photographer

I feel in today’s world in order to be successful, you need to be a “generalist” — someone who isn’t uber-specialized in one thing, but you can do many things very well.

In Praise of Shadows in Photography

Dear friend, I just read a book on Japanese Aesthetics titled: “In Praise of Shadows.” It was a beautiful book that helped me reflect on the beauty of darkness and shadows (Japanese aesthetics) while we in the west love white, the brightness, and light.

It’s Up to You!

Dear friend, I wanted to write you a letter (to hopefully empower you). My suggestion: realize that everything in your life is up to you; nobody else.

How to Become Wealthy

If you don’t desire or “want” anything superfluous in life, you are truly wealthy. When you have all your needs (food, water, shelter, love); what else do you need in life?

7 Lessons Sergio Larrain Has Taught Me About Street Photography

Sergio Larrain is a figure in photographic history who isn’t well-known, and is a bit of a mystery. He barely shot for more than a decade, and then decided to pursue a more “mystical” path in life— focusing on yoga, meditation, and secluded himself from society.

Make the Best Out of Your Life Situation

We are all born into different situations in life. Some of us are born rich, some of us are born poor. Some of us are born with parents who taught us photography; others of us learn photography later in life.

Shoot More, Worry Less

One of the things that plagues me as a photographer is that I think too much and don’t shoot enough. I think about what camera I should use, whether I should shoot film or digital, and what project I should work on. But all of this thinking leads to “paralysis by analysis”– I think so… Read more about Shoot More, Worry Less

10 Dinge die wir von Garry Winogrand über Street-Fotografie lernen können

A.g.: In the spirit of Open Source here on Eric’s Blog, this is a German translation of 10 Things Garry Winogrand Can Teach You About Street Photography. There’s also a German translation of 10 Things Henri Cartier-Bresson Can Teach You About Street Photography both made by Lukas Beinstein.

Berkeley Reflections 2016

Dear friend, I only got two weeks left in Berkeley. Here are some reflections I have in life and my time here, before I head off to Vietnam for around 2 years.

Learn with Richard Bram, Jack Simon, and Vineet Vohra in SF (June 6-12, 2016)

If you haven’t heard about the SF StreetFoto International Street Photography Festival 2016, don’t miss out. June 6-12 will be jam-packed with exciting workshops, exhibitions, and pub-crawls. If you’ve wanted to meet other passionate street photographers from all around the globe, don’t miss your chance.

Who is Your Audience?

As photographers, we make photos to share them with others. I don’t trust any photographer who says that they only shoot for themselves.