28 Lessons I’ve Learned From Life

Dear friend, Today (Jan 31st) I turn 28 years old. I wanted to use this opportunity to reflect on the past, and also share some life lessons I’ve learned (so far) in my short, yet loving, and fulfilling life:

Make More Atoms, Fewer Bits

Dear friend, I’ve been thinking a lot of “physicality” in photography— how physical objects bring us a lot more happiness and joy than the invisible, intangible, and digital.

Enjoy the Process

Dear friend, I wanted to write you this letter on how to enjoy the process of photography, rather than worrying about the results.

Street Photography is Self-Therapy

There are a lot of reasons why shoot street photography. But one thing people never think about: street photography can be used as a form of self-therapy.

Photography 2,000 Years From Now

It is the year 4016 AD. Life hasn’t changed much. People are still stressed about finances, their families, their positions at their jobs, and whether they will get more “followers” or “likes” on their social media channel.

Streettogs Academy No. 17 “Self Awareness” Results and Analysis

Here we go! This latest one was very nice from my point of view because I got to know a little bit of each of the member just by their photographs alone. It was interesting mix of humor, drama, and a life with photography.  Without further ado, here are the choices for this assignment:

Find out What to Photograph, Not How

“Find out what to write, not how.” – Seneca (Letters to Lucilius) Dear friend, I wanted to write you this letter on the importance of knowing what to photograph, rather than how to photograph.

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Why put so much pressure on yourself? Why make things harder than they need to be? Do you take photos because you genuinely enjoy it, or do you want some sort of external recognition? Who cares if you don’t create the next Picasso or be the next Henri Cartier-Bresson? Just be you. After all, there… Read more about Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Photograph What Makes You Happy

This guest article is by Nick Smith. Someone who I’ve followed for sometime is Trey Ratcliff. For those who aren’t familiar, he’s known for his HDR style images.

Carve Out Your Photos

I believe that photos are best created from subtraction. Just like how a sculptor makes a statue.

Why Do You Backup Your Photos?

I have lost hundreds and thousands of photographs over the years, due to hard drive failures, forgetting to backup my images, or by accidentally deleting photos (before transferring them).

Why Do You Take Photos?

Dear friend, I wanted to share an idea I had with you in regards to philosophy, life, photography, physics, and Elon Musk from Tesla.


Dear friend, I wanted to share some thoughts with you on “reducing”, “subtraction”, “less is more” — whatever along those lines.

The Joy of Friendship

I just went to a friend’s wedding the other day— and man, it was so much fun. Singing, dancing, drinking, eating— the air full of merriment and joy.