Things I Am Grateful For

“Happiness: take away from your desires, not to add to your riches.” – Epicurus Today is American Thanksgiving. It is a time of the year to appreciate what you have— to spend time with friends, family, and eat lots of (dry) turkey. I think about Thanksgiving as a chance to really “give thanks” — here is… Read more about Things I Am Grateful For

Can Giving Make Us Happy ?

With the end of the year holiday season only just around the corner, I thought it would be fitting to write about Can Giving Make Us Happy?

Be a Creator, Not a Consumer

I love to buy shit. It makes me feel great. I feel cooler, handsomer, sexier, more powerful, and more important. I always feel that if I just bought “X” I would become happier. For example, if I bought a Leica, I would feel more “creative”, “inspired”, and become a better photographer. Not only that, but I would… Read more about Be a Creator, Not a Consumer

Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Ugh, I just woke up and haven’t had my espresso yet (fortunately it is being made right now). Anyways— I wanted to share an idea that I had when I was rolling out of the couch today: practice random acts of kindness.

How To Find Your Unique Voice in Photography

This weekend I’m teaching a “how to find your unique voice” street photography workshop in Downtown LA. One of the things I love most about teaching a workshop is that it gives me the opportunity to come up with new posts to share with you.


I own a lot of shit. I don’t think it is bad to have a lot of material possessions. However I find for me, more stuff, more problems.

Happy Birthday Neil

Hey Neil, Happy birthday man. I’m not 100% sure how old you are now, but all I know is that you’re about a decade my senior. I wanted to write this letter to wish you a happy birthday, and share some personal thoughts of how grateful I am to have you in my life.

Personal Street Photography

Dear friend, I want to share some ideas with you– specifically about “personal” street photography. I’m going to ramble a bit before that, so please be patient with me.

The Edginess of Harvey Stein

Interview by A.g. De Mesa, photos by Harvey Stein The thing about any creative pursuit, specifically photography, is that it is easy to pick up but only a few can stay with it let alone be good at the same time.

Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb. On Street Photography and the Poetic Image (Part 1)

Aperture have released a book collection called ‘The Photography Workshop Series‘ and currently have four in that set. I recently bought the co-authored one from Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, ‘On Street Photography and the Poetic Image‘. As Alex is one of my favourite photographers, I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to gain… Read more about Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb. On Street Photography and the Poetic Image (Part 1)

Social Media 4.0

I’ve been in the “social media” game for as long as I can remember. Let me tell you a story: I just turned 21 years old, and I got 100+ “happy birthday” messages on Facebook. No phone calls. Two text messages (one from Cindy and one from my mom). No presents. No hugs in real life.… Read more about Social Media 4.0

How to Die Without Regrets

Dear fellow streettog, I want to live my life to the fullest. I want to die without regrets. Often I piss away my days, live a life according to the opinion of others, and desire shit that I don’t need (materialistic things like cars, a lot of money, fancy cameras, shiny devices, and a big… Read more about How to Die Without Regrets