The Street Project by Steve Simon

(Editor’s Note: Words and Photographs by Steve Simon. Steve is a very passionate photographer, author, and an educator that has traveled the world shooting for various brands, companies, and organizations. His work focuses on street and documentary photography. He shares with us today how simple it is to start a street project and how it… Read more about The Street Project by Steve Simon

How Much is Enough?

How much is enough? How much is superfluous in life? What is excess baggage that holds you back? What are some demons from your past and mental baggage that holds you back? What are physical possessions which hold you back? What kinds of cameras and equipment hold you back? Which cameras are sitting on your… Read more about How Much is Enough?

Wu-Wei in Street Photography

Dear friend, I wanted to write you a letter about “Wu-Wei”, a Taoist philosophy and concept that I learned from the “Tao Te Ching” (recommend the version by Stephen Mitchell). So let me pose you a question: have you ever been out shooting on the streets for an entire day, and you tried really hard… Read more about Wu-Wei in Street Photography

Ignore the Barking of Dogs

Dear friend, I wanted to give you some advice on bouncing back from negative and debilitating experiences when you’re shooting street photography.

Kill Your Master in Photography

Dear friend, I wanted to write you a letter on the concept of “killing the masters of photography”. It is kind of a Buddhist philosophy, as well as a philosophy I gained from Seneca, my stoic philosophy hero and mentor.


Dear Eric, I want to write this letter for you, as a reminder of sorts to meditate upon some of the thoughts running around in your head. Remember when you used to work in IT at UCLA? How many people complained that their computer didn’t work, and a simple rebooting of their computers fixed the… Read more about Reboot

What is Your Dream?

About a month ago I gave a talk on street photography at EyeEm headquarters in Berlin. During the question and answer session, there was a member in the crowd who asked me the question: “What is your dream?”

Streettogs Academy 14: “Rhythm” Results and Analysis

(Cover photo by Assignment 14 Community’s Choice, Michele Berlingeri) This has got to be one of the assignments that got the most number of beautiful pictures so far! The number of interpretations given to our theme is very diverse. Let’s start our analysis with our Community’s Choice:

You Live in a Paved Paradise

Dear friend, I’m currently sitting at my desk, facing outside. There are beautiful trees, a soft breeze, the sound of birds chirping. I have a “HappyLight” on my left (which helps me wake up in the morning), I have some beloved books to my right, and I’m enjoying a lovely espresso, while doing a little… Read more about You Live in a Paved Paradise

You Only Live Once

Dear friend, You might have heard the term “YOLO”, which stands for “you only live once”. However I think most people misconstrue the word. They think that it means to live a life of hedonism and pleasure, and give themselves the license to do stupid shit and waste their time and money. For example, let’s… Read more about You Only Live Once

On Killing the Ego

Dear friend, I have a problem I need to share with you: I have a huge ego. I love compliments, I love external validation, and I absolutely hate being criticized, judged, or ignored. Recently one of the things I am trying to do in life is to kill my ego. How am I trying to… Read more about On Killing the Ego

Cultivate Your Own Garden

Dear friend, I want to share some meditations and thoughts that are currently on my mind– and perhaps tell some stories. Thank you for being a good friend and listening :) Okay, so I woke up today, lied in bed, and suddenly this thought came to my head: “Cultivate Your Own Garden” I woke up… Read more about Cultivate Your Own Garden

Italian Street Photography at the Forefront: An Interview with SPontanea collective (Italian Translation Available)

  SPonatanea is a very active and organized street photography collective based out of Italy. In the interview, I talked to them about their formation, activities, and upcoming projects. This interview also has a full italian translation at the bottom! Check it out. (All photos are the respective ownership of the SPOontanea collective members.) A.g.:… Read more about Italian Street Photography at the Forefront: An Interview with SPontanea collective (Italian Translation Available)

Don’t Be a Slave

Read as a Google Doc (feel free to suggest edits), or download and print out the PDF. — I am a slave. I am a slave to others’ opinions of me. I am a slave to material things. I am a slave to my bank account and money. I am a slave of my wardrobe, of… Read more about Don’t Be a Slave