Streettogs Academy No. 9

Here we go with another assignment over at streettogs academy. Cheers to Harry Fodor for bagging the editor’s choice for Assignment no. 8. In his email to me, he gave a pretty nice explanation/rationale on why he chose his theme. He made a good observation of what the group is doing and I think it… Read more about Streettogs Academy No. 9

Just one more photo

My mom recently came back from an epic backpacking trip through Nepal for about 28 days. She is an incredible woman. At the age of 59, she was able to withstand the freezing cold, the difficulty of breathing in high altitude, and the challenge of keeping her motivation up for nearly a month in which… Read more about Just one more photo

10 Lessons Blake Andrews Has Taught Me About Street Photography

I want to write this article on a photographer, blogger, and overall cool guy — Blake Andrews. I first saw Blake’s work on the In-Public website, and was amazed by his surrealistic street photography— and his sharp eyes for shapes, forms, and visual elements.

Streettogs Academy No. 8 “Space” Results and Analysis

All systems go as our Space assignment wraps up! Thank you again to Kirk Lothian for the interesting idea and letting me play with Space and Star Trek Puns like nothing else! Let’s lift off and head on to the actual entries everyone in the streettogs academy group sent in.

Free E-Book: “Street Photography 101: An Introduction to Street Photography”

Update: I re-edited this book with new images and design / April, 2016 Hey streettogs, I am excited to announce that I’ve finally published my free e-book: “Street Photography 101“. If you’re new to street photography, want to learn the fundamentals, or refresh your existing knowledge– check it out. As always, this book is “open source”… Read more about Free E-Book: “Street Photography 101: An Introduction to Street Photography”

Angkor Photo Workshop 2014 Notes

(A.g.’s note/Disclaimer: The following are the notes I have jotted down during the Angkor Photo Festival last Nov. 28-Dec. 6, 2014. I have organized my thoughts and the lessons so that it would be easy to comprehend for others. The notes I have is most likely different from the other participants since we had different… Read more about Angkor Photo Workshop 2014 Notes