Interview with Bellamy Hunt (Japan Camera Hunter) and Tour of His Office in Tokyo

I recently had the chance to catch up with Bellamy Hunt (Japan Camera Hunter) in Tokyo. In this video he gives us a tour of his office, shares why he does what he does, and advice regarding photography, film, and life.

See my video interview with him from 2 years ago and a video of us camera shopping.

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  • Derek

    Well said by Bellamy – really need to just keep at it. Find what makes you comfortable, keep at it.

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  • joy

    I wonder why you always focus on the equipment that takes the picture and not the object of the photo, its meaning, the need that pushed you to shot that photo.
    Personally I do not like taking the same photos of the great masters, I think this kind of pictures they have already made ​​their masterfully.
    The present and especially the future can not be the same as the past.
    My advice is to let go of the Wars of Religion (digital vs film, etc.) and think about doing something new in a new way, a way that nobody has thought of before.
    The camera counts for nothing, absolutely nothing … the pictures speak for themselves.