Streettogs Academy 1st Assignment “Square” Results and Analysis

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Before we begin, I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who participated in the first assignment of Streettogs Academy. We hope you continue to participate in the group and learn a thing or two about street photography I’m trying to see how I can better moderate the group to make it an enjoyable and educational experience for everyone.

So without further adieu, here are some of the best entries and our editor’s choice for our assignment.

Interpretations of Square

In looking at all the entries, I saw two trends forming. The first one is what I’d call as a  Maximalist approach.

Yvette Ann Ramas

Photo by Yvette Ann Ramas

It pretty much means that square is all over the frame fitting as many elements of the square as possible. The photo above by Yvette, which  is one of two that the most likes in our assignment (40 likes), is an example of that.

Emilio Aparicio Rodriguez

Photo by Emilio Aparicio Rodriguez

This photo by Emilio exemplifies that as well by using the square tiles of the wall to highlight his subject, the man at the bottom left of the frame.

Photo by Kurt K Gledhill

Photo by Kurt K Gledhill

Kurt has a similar execution only his was a silhouette of the bicyclist which I would say works well.

I guess maximalist can also be called literal because as you will see by this photo Chan Chung Ming, squares are everywhere. From the pillars, the table and chairs, and the reflection of the floor, the square is there. Bonus points too since he shot in 1:1 aspect ratio.

Chan Chung Ming

Photo by Chan Chung Ming

But I think this photo by Arnold Despi might win with the most squares in a single photo. The expression of the girl is a nice cherry on top.

Photo by Arnold Despi

Photo by Arnold Despi

Photo by Ateneo Sta. Ines

Photo by Jayvee Mataro

In this photo by Jayvee uses reflections really well. It will make you think twice and see what is happening and where things are coming from.

Photo by Jose Lledo Gisbert

Photo by Jose Lledo Gisbert

This photo by Jose Gisbert also made use of reflections to highlight his subject. I think it is important that there was no other people in this image aside from his subject because it will drive away the eye from the main subject.

If the first interpretation of the square is called maximalist, our second one is what I would call minimalist. These images have a simpler composition and clean in their executions.

Photo by Jonathan Nafarette

Photo by Jonathan Nafarette

This photo by Jonathan only had a total of  5 squares that I can point out (The umbrella and its four quadrants) but it lends itself well as the only color that pop in the otherwise plain sand and dark shadows. It is also tied with the most likes at 40.

Photo by Florin Ghebosu

Photo by Florin Ghebosu

I guess you could say silhouettes is a trend in our assignment too. Florin Ghebosu’s photo is very simple and clean.

A simple method aside from buildings and tiles is a great composition technique, the frame within a frame.

Photo by Bertran Domas

Photo by Bertrand Domas

Photo by Dave Ng

Photo by Dave Ng

Photo by Jimmy Tsang

Photo by Jimmy Tsang

Photo by Rafael Pires

Photo by Rafael Pires

Rafael’s photo is layer packed. It made me think twice as what is happening in the frame.

Photo by Florin Ghebosu

Photo by Florin Ghebosu

Photo by Chris Giannakos

Photo by Chris Giannakos

This one from Chris looks like a photo from yore. The exact framing, the girl’s hair ribbon, and the over all treatment of the photograph is such a classic.

It is simple to execute by putting your subject inside a square and with perfect timing and good light, it could yield great results that could work for any form of photography.

Photo by Jimmy Yang

Photo by Jimmy Yang

There was also a number of you who used leading lines heading to a square. This one by Jimmy Yang is very interesting. I do hope the kid is alright though!

Outlier Entries

Here are some entries that are either a mix of both or just unique from the two common types.

Photo by Augustin Berger

Photo by Augustin Berger

There is something mysterious about this square photo by Augustin. Part haunting part geometrical, I think it stand out.

Photo by Daniel Pego

Photo by Daniel Pego

Daniel Pego’s photo is a mystery to me. I have no idea what the subject is doing in that place but the light is great and how everything is balanced out. It is eye catching to say the least.

Photo by Helio Tomita

Photo by Helio Tomita

Helio combined square as a framing device, place his subjects on a sillohoutte, and had a good number of squares by use of the shadows. Many things are happening in a non convoluted manner.

Photo by Robson Morgan

Photo by Robson Morgan

Robson Morgan is quite unique. Yes there are squares in the photo but I think his foreground of the woman walking in the middle leading your eye to the vintage looking building flanked by a modern building is a good capture.

Photo by Hrant Garabedian

Photo by Hrant Garabedian

This simple one by Hrant Garabedian. Simple. Clean. Straight to the point.

Photo by Cy P Mercado

Photo by Cy P Mercado

I met another street photographer, Justin Waggonner, shooting the streets during the 2011 Wicker park music festival in Chicago. He told me that “When all else fails, look up!”. Cy’s photograph shows some truth to that quote.

Photo by Nathaniel Estenzo

Photo by Nathaniel Estenzo

Nathaniel’s Photo has a nice timing. It seems loud but I really like how it all balances out.

Editors’s choice

After recapping some of the entries, our Editor’s choice for Streettogs Academy “Square” assignment is

Helio Tomita

Here’s one more look at the photo!

Photo by Helio Tomita

Photo by Helio Tomita

Following the theme through and through, Helio made good use of shadows, placing dark to light, and great timing all combined to make this a favorite of ours!

So Helio, as promised, you are the one who is going to select the theme for our next assignment! Please email me at so we can discuss some ideas!

I also want to give an honorable mention to the following photographers since they made this decision process a challenge!

Jonathan Nafarette

Chris Giannikos

Hrant Garabedian

Nathaniel Estenzo

Jimmy Yang

Closing thoughts

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in our first assignment. As we go on I’d like to improve how I moderate the group. Hopefully, in the next few assignments, I can quickly introduce the next topic so we don’t have a long downtime.

If you want to see the rest of the entries or join in the assignments, just go to the Streettogs Academy Facebook Group!

Thank you again for joining and I hope Helio has an interesting assignment for all of us!

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