Shooting the Streets of Downtown LA in my Introduction to Street Photography Workshop

I recently edited some behind-the-scenes footage that my friend Todd Hatakeyama shot of my Downtown LA Introduction to Street Photography Workshop. We had a ton of fun sharing our passion for street photography, interacting with people on the streets, and giving honest feedback and critique on each others’ work– and I was amazed by the sense of friendship & community that formed during the workshop.

If you want to build your courage in street photography, be re-inspired, and meet other passionate street photographers– check out my upcoming street photography workshops in Tokyo, Melbourne, Stockholm, London, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, and NYC.

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  • tavis

    Looks like fun man! Keep up the great work! I just finished my first roll of film and blogging about it now. So much fun compared to shooting with my digital! Thanks for all of the great info on your blog, it helped a lot. Here’s a funny pic I snagged at the local cemetery.

  • Brian Hinesley

    Eric are you teaching these people how to obtain an interesting image without interaction with the subject? and what’s with the obsession of close up bodyparts/clothing/jewelry…