10 Ways How to Have a Good Day in Street Photography

Stockholm, 2012

Stockholm, 2012

  1. Smile at and compliment a stranger.
  2. Surprise a friend with one of your favorite prints (for no reason).
  3. Give a constructive criticism to a street photographer with 0 comments online.
  4. Promote the work of another contemporary street photographer whose work you admire.
  5. Go out and only shoot with 1 camera and 1 lens (and turn off your smartphone).
  6. Contact a local street photographer to go out and shoot together.
  7. Lend one of your favorite photography books to a fellow street photographer.
  8. Give away a camera you don’t use to charity, a photography program, or someone in need.
  9. Donate some of your time by teaching a photography class or lecture to less-privileged students.
  10. Give yourself permission to take bad shots, enjoy a nice coffee, and shoot to please yourself (not others).

How do you have a good day in street photography? Share your tips in the comments below!

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  • Mary

    Great suggestions. Love your blog Eric.

  • Peter

    Ten suggestions involving making the days of others brighter. What a lovely post!

  • http://www.clippingpathindia.com/photoshop-retouching.html Shumi

    Street photography is something that I really passionate about. But yes its require to have a great perception of seeing anything to be able to take a great shot. Thank you for the helpful tips here.

  • http://www.graphicspath.com/services/ Graphics Path

    This article is very informative for me and street photographer. I just want to include one thing “Without excercise, practise and experience, the talent is of no use” and You did it. Thank you so much a very informative post.

  • http://phototrims.com/clipping-path-services.php MD NASHIR

    Street Photography is most difficult for a photographer. Even your tips is so helpful. Thanks