Introducing Streettogs Academy

1x1.trans Introducing Streettogs Academy
We always push for people to keep on practicing and developing your skills and your eye. We also believe in having a passionate group of people helping each other to become good with this passion of ours. With that in mind, we are launching a new initiative here on the blog: Streettogs Academy.

A bi-weekly challenge for all of us to sharpen our skills and get us moving. For the first week, Eric and I will come up with a theme. We will give you 2 weeks to come up with 1 to 3 street photographs that you will upload on a designated album in our new Streettogs: Academy Facebook.

Who is this for?

This is open to anyone who wants to further develop skills in street photography. Perhaps you are in a creative rut and what to do something different. If you want to have a change of pace, you might want to try to take on the assignments that will be given. Or who knows, you might even get an idea or two shooting the assignments and it might lead to a personal project. 

Here are the mechanics:

  • Upload your photos interpreting the theme in the designated assignment album!
  • No words and captions, just your name, and place where you took the photo.
  • On the comment on your own photo, post a link to your site (flickr, tumblr, webpage etc.) so that your photo would easily appear on the group’s feed. (Please do it only once)
  • Feel free to use film, digital, instant film, mobile phones, etc. 
  • Keep the file appropriate for web viewing (at least 72 dpi), no need for hi-resolution.

Other things to know:

  • We encourage you to shoot during the duration of the 2 weeks instead of raiding your archives.
  • It should go without saying but please post photos that you own.
At the end of the 2 weeks we will have an editor’s choice picked by Eric and myself and community’s choice which garners the most reactions from the community through likes and comments. We will feature the selections on a post here on the blog. The Winner of the editor’s choice, gets to pick the theme for the next assignment!

Our Goals

We want this to be an educational venue for all of us street photographers to learn from each other in a healthy and friendly environment. We don’t want this to be a competition but rather a way for us to keep on clicking.
If you have any questions, regarding the assignment or asking for tips on how to tackle the assignment, or if you need help in your photography, feel free to post in the group. Let’s keep it clean and the comments should always be constructive!Otherwise, if you want to discuss gear, checkout the Streettogs Equipment Group. There’s also the critique group who want to have their photographs commented on by the community. Last but not the least, there’s the General discussion Group.

Join us at the Streettogs Academy Facebook Group and Check out the First Assignment! 

Upcoming Street Photography Workshops

If you want to conquer your fears and meet new peers, join me in Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, San Francisco, Stockholm, London, Portland, Chicago, Toronto, and New York City:

See My Upcoming Street Photography Workshops


      • Paetroz says

        Too bad about facebook only. I really like what Zak Arias is doing through his site (DedPxl) and photo assignments with links to different photo pools for entries. So you can enter through 500px or Flickr etc.

        Much more centered around the enthusiast world and a democratic way to do it.

        Good luck and have fun.

  1. deepo says

    I understand that you need branding that appeals to teenagers, but the word “streettog” is awful.

  2. Provstreet says

    Will there be any constructive critism for those that do not “win”?

    Can I suggest choosing random non winners and offering a “crit” (as we called it in art school a million years ago). I would be willing to offer up my photos for dissection if others are too sensitive about their work. My photography is not good (yet) but I am eager to improve with the help of negative feedback. Flickr type compliments are nice but not helpful.

    Looking forward to the assignments though!

  3. Stephen Godfrey says

    Any chance of dropping that the editors pick gets to chose the next topic? Why not instead have the editors choosing the topics? It should be fun regardless.

  4. nipon says

    Really insterested bybthe idea by it’s rather short for shooting with film ( I develop myself) in it’s pretty the opposite of the idea to forget your film for a while that you advertise quiet a lot and that I made mine :-)
    But I’ll try


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